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These headphones are made for sleeping


Falling asleep as a mellow tune soothes your ears may be a relaxing way to head into dreamland, but waking up after a night of wearing headphones or earbuds can be pure agony. Solution? Use headphones which are specifically designed to be worn while sleeping.

Appropriately named Bedphones, the hook-style on-ear headphones are thin, soft and made with "infinitely moldable memory wire." In theory, this means that you can snooze without worrying about the uncomfortable pressure regular headphones might put on your delicate head while its resting against a pillow.

There are a few caveats though: Due to the Bedphones' size, they do not include noise-canceling or Bluetooth technology. If those shortcomings aren't a deal breaker for you though, then you can order a pair of the on-ear headphones for $30.

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