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I tried Color Wow's Raise the Root spray — and I've never seen volume like this

I don't think I'll ever have to suffer from flat hair again.
Split image of a Woman's hair before and after using Color Wow Root Lifter
Courtesy Danielle Murphy

As I've gotten older, my relationship with my hair has gotten better and better. I know it won't lay well without a complete blow-dry after washing. I've noticed that it's happier when I use shampoo and conditioners designed for thicker hair. I've also recently learned the length that it prefers — short to medium with layers. (And if you're wondering why I'm talking about my hair as if it has feelings, it's because it usually acts like it has a mind of its own, so I will treat it as such.)

There's just one thing my hair won't tell me, and that's how to give it (and keep) some volume. If I got embarrassed easily, I would be humiliated to reveal how much dry shampoo I use in a single week. It's because no matter what products I use, the volume I manage to achieve only lasts for so long — and forget about it lasting for multiple days. It wasn't until I saw this Color Wow lifting spray make the rounds on my social media feeds — which prompted me to immediately purchase one for myself — that I finally unlocked the secret code to my hair volume problems.

Color Wow Raise the Root Thicken + Lift Spray

Use it on wet or dry hair

One thing I don't like about most hair volumizers is that you have to use them on wet hair. That might sound gross, but hear me out. According to experts, certain hair types can benefit from less washes. So, if my hair appears super flat a day or two after I've washed it, I'd most likely have to dampen my hair again to apply a volume-boosting serum.

Although the instructions clearly state that isn't the case for this spray, I actually learned about a dry hair technique from a TikTok video, where celebrity stylist Chris Appleton, used the Raise the Root spray on one of my favorite social media beauty content creators. To my surprise, he took the product directly to her dry hair and completely saturated her roots with the spray. (I believe his exact words were, "load her up.") Then, he used a round brush to hold her hair vertically and aimed the heat from a hair dryer upwards. And once he let go, the results were insane.

So, I followed that video to the T, half expecting to uncover a scam. But by the clear shock on my face below, you can see I found the exact opposite.

Image of a Womans hair after using Color Wow Root Lifter
Courtesy Danielle Murphy

This root spray gives me major height

I wish I had grabbed a ruler to measure just how high my hair ended up being, because I had never seen such fast-acting results. I also now fully understand the meaning of hair "fullness" because, along with my roots, all of my hair felt like it got a boost. Another plus, it didn't give my hair a crunchy or brittle texture post application. If I touched my hair, it did feel like I had some product in it, but since it wasn't weighing down my hair or making my scalp itchy, I didn't mind. In fact, I felt more reassured that something was working to keep my hair lifted for longer.

In the video, Appleton used the hair dryer on the TikTok creator's hair for an amount of time that, admittedly, had me worried about heat damage. I was hesitant to use a heat protectant because I wanted to see how the root spray would perform on its own. But upon doing more research on the product, I learned that the formula actually includes ingredients designed for heat protection and reducing breakage, including panthenol and provitamin B5. According to the brand, there is also hydrolyzed keratin that can help with strengthening and boosting moisture.

I can't begin to explain what "uniquely flexible translucent polymers" means for your hair, but I do know that Color Wow packed this formula full of them to create volumized magic — and it lasts. I also didn't have to pile pounds of dry shampoo into my hair the following day to put life back into it. Just a quick brush through and some finger zhuzhing, and I was ready to go. And for those who put good money into highlights (like me), the formula won't dull color or add a strange cast to your hair.

While some influencer beauty trends can lead to not-so-smart spending, I was lucky enough to have a fantastic outcome. This Raise the Root spray will forever be a must-have in my haircare routine, especially for special occasions or days that I desperately need a style 180°. Best of all, my hair and I have officially reached BFFL status. (That is, until I start seeing grays — that's a bridge we'll cross when we get to it.)