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The Coach Pillow Tabby shoulder bag is taking over TikTok

The bag is already sold out in two colors.
Illustration of the pink Pillow bag from Coach, and a woman holding the green Pillow bag
TODAY Illustration / Coach

For many of us, scrolling through TikTok feels like a major blast from the past. Styles like tube tops, low-rise jeans and butterfly clips from the early aughts have made a comeback on the app. And although they're new to many of the TikTok users sporting them, the videos have some fondly (or not so fondly) remembering the fashions from when they were worn the first time around.

Coach, a brand that's seen a recent rise on the app, is a prime example. For some, their purses served as an introduction to the world of designer bags, and seeing them featured in videos instantly brings back memories of trips to the mall in middle school or days spent lusting over that classic C-logo wallet.

While buzzier brands have grabbed the attention of the fashion-savvy crowd since the early 2000s, the stylish TikTokers are reminding people just how great Coach's accessories are. A few of their bags are making the rounds on the platform, but none have been met with quite as much excitement as the spring-ready Coach Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag.

The purse, which is a reimagined version of one of Coach's classic styles, has become a viral hit, with one user even calling it "the bag of the year." As evidence of its popularity just look to the "pillowtabby" hashtag, which has more than 812,000 collective views as of Tuesday and is filled with videos of users excitedly unboxing the bag and showing off how to style it (hint: it's super easy).

Coach Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag 26

The purse is made from plush Napa leather that's practically soft enough to sleep on (as its name would suggest). And along with the squishy material, it features a versatile two-strap design so it can be carried by hand, thrown over your shoulder or worn as a crossbody bag.

It also comes in multiple colors: The green and black versions are currently sold out on the Coach website (the latter style can be found at other retailers), but you can still grab the neutral ivory or bright pink taffy, both of which will complete any spring look.

Inside the purse, you'll find a middle zip pocket that can serve as a place to store valuables but also sections the bag into two parts, to help you stay organized. And while it's relatively small, there's more than enough room for all your go-to essentials. TikTok user @tamaradicaprio posted a video showing off the contents of hers, calling it a "very spacious bag." She managed to fit her wallet, a few beauty products, hand sanitizer and a pair of sunglasses in the purse with room to spare.

As if it couldn't get any better, Jennifer Lopez sported the accessory back in February, as a part of an ad campaign for the new style.

And if you're hesitant to shell out the nearly $500 for the bag, you can grab the original Tabby Shoulder Bag 26 for $100 less. While it may not have the signature squish factor, it's equally as stylish.

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