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This self-tan serum can give you a radiant, natural-looking glow — no sun required

One reviewer called the new hydrating self-tanner a “Holy Grail product.”
No spring vacation? No problem.
No spring vacation? No problem. Johner Images / Getty Images

Spring is finally here, but we've got some time before tanning season rolls around. Luckily, there's a way you can still get a sun-kissed glow — even if you're not heading on a tropical getaway.

TikTok-loved brand Isle of Paradise's Hyglo Hyaluronic Acid product promises to provide a glamorous tan and solve one of the most common winter skin care woes at the same time. The self-tan serum is a hydrating serum that boosts moisture and gradually tans skin for a natural-looking glow.

Isle of Paradise Hyglo Self-Tan Body Serum

While Isle of Paradise already has a Hyglo Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum in its product lineup, according to the brand, this newer addition features firming actives that tone and smooth skin, making it perfect for all-over use.

Reviews of the product are promising, with many people saying that the hydrating aspect is a major plus, especially right now.

"My skin in the winter is super dry so I tend to shy away from self-tanning during that time, however, this product has changed that for me," one reviewer wrote. "I would honestly use this as a body serum even if I didn't care about getting a tan but am so glad that it's got that added bonus! I use it daily after the shower and I love it so much that I just purchased the face version as well."

Another reviewer called it "a drink of water for your body," adding that the lightweight formula is "easy to apply and absorbs quickly." And that's not even the best part! "Within a few hours your skin has this really subtle, radiant GLOW," they added.

Along with hyaluronic acid, the serum features other botanical ingredients like avocado oil and chia seed, which offer additional hydration and moisturizing benefits, New York-based dermatologist, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, previously told Shop TODAY.

The serum can be used daily to give skin a gradual glow, but if you're hoping to get a more intense tan before you head on vacation or go to a big event, TikTok users have discovered a hack using one of the brand's other products.

In a video that has amassed more than 850,000 views, a TikTok user first revealed her how-to for getting a summer-ready glow without breaking the bank or heading to the salon, which involved using a misting bottle filled with fashion editor-approved tanning brand Isle of Paradise's Tanning Water to give herself a streak-free, even spray tan.

It didn't take long for others to catch on — another user posted their overnight results in a video that has garnered over five million views and said that they found it "was definitely way faster to apply" than other self-tanner methods.

To pull it off, all you need is the Isle of Paradise Tanning Water Refills from Sephora and a misting bottle. Following the popularity of the trend, the brand released its own kit that includes both items. Though, if you want a more customized tan, you might want to go the DIY method (the kit is only available with the medium tanning water refill, but you can get the light and dark options on their own).

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water Refill

The liquid formula is suitable for normal, dry, oily and combination skin types and, according to the brand, won't transfer to clothing or sheets. However, plenty of TikTok users recommend standing in the shower when you apply to avoid staining the floor.

The hack has received approval is for the natural-looking results it delivers.

"Amazing glow. Am honestly obsessed," one Sephora reviewer wrote. "Never buying another self tanner."

"I love that it is 'water' and doesn't give you the feeling of having something thick on like the mouse self tanners," another wrote.

According to Zeichner, self-tanning is the only safe route for getting a summer glow.

"I say the only way to get a tan is when it comes from a bottle," Zeichner said. "Self tanners are safe to use and cause a temporary staining of the outer skin layer from an ingredient known as dihydroxyacetone. It reacts with the outer skin layer to cause a yellow color that eventually comes off as the skin sheds."

Beautify Beauties Misting Bottle

To properly pull off the hack, you'll need a misting bottle. When using a continuous misting bottle, you'll want to make sure you're holding it at least six inches away from your body and are applying a consistent amount of pressure to ensure that it will apply evenly, Isle of Paradise founder and celebrity spray tanner Jules Von Hep shared after seeing the trend take off on TikTok.

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water

You can also get all three colors of the Isle of Paradise Tanning Waters in a smaller, pump-action bottle with a spray top.

It boasts the same gradual-tanning benefits as the refills but already comes in a spray bottle.