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This $11 clip-on strainer makes cooking pasta so much easier

It saves space and works like a charm.
This strainer has so many uses.
This strainer has so many uses.Amazon
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If pasta was ever banished from grocery stories, my child would likely starve before eating only fruits and vegetables.

Parents, you hear me, right? Spaghetti, penne and tagliatelle bring those infuriatingly picky and single-minded kids to the dinner table.

But, I live in New York, meaning my kitchen bears no resemblance to those spacious, glorious cooking havens you see on social media. It’s small, with one sink and minimal counter space. Storage? Wait, what’s that again?

A traditional stainless steel colander — the staple of cooking pasta — takes up a ton of space and is hard to clean. Thankfully, I've found a space-saving solution that's made cooking pasta so much easier: the Salbree clip-on food stainer.

Salbree Clip-On Food Strainer

It’s tiny, it’s cute (green!), and it clips on to the side of your pots and pans. Simply tilt the pot and it strains the pasta cooking water out of the side into your sink. It also works for ground meats, tomatoes, canned tuna, fruits, vegetables and so much more.

It fits every pan and pot I have. Attach it to a bowl, use it to wash off your berries, and back in they go. No muss, no fuss, no mess. It’s one of those genius time-saving inventions so brilliant that I wonder why I didn't discover it sooner.

Strainer ode
Courtesy of Donna Freydkin

Oh wait — did I mention it comes in a variety of bright colors, and that it’s just under $11? It’s made of food-safe silicone and can be cleaned with a simple rinse.

Is it worth it?

Well, if you don’t eat pasta, fruits, vegetables or anything that needs straining, I’d give this a pass. But if you’re like the rest of us and the thought of washed raspberries and easy, painless strained ravioli fills you with utter, unabashed giddiness, I’d say this is most likely the best kitchen purchase you’ll make this year.

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