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Cut down on time in the kitchen with these 7 chef-approved gadgets

From a food processor to a cutting board that can hold your phone, these tools can make meal prep so much easier.

While outdoor dining has gotten us out of our homes and minimized time spent in the kitchen, the colder months will likely bring us back to making meals and yummy treats at home once more.

Whether you're whipping up dinner or trying out new TikTok recipes, two things are sacred in the kitchen: time and space. Working from home might have given you less time on your hands, and with the whole family home, your countertop space might be more sparse than ever.

Chef Elena Besser joined the 3rd Hour of TODAY this morning to share some kitchen gadgets that can help maximize space in one of the busiest rooms in the house and take some of the prep time out of home cooking.

From an electric wine opener to a food processor that can help reduce clean-up time, Besser shared a few favorites that can come in handy in any kitchen.

1. Lipper International Turntable Organizer

Need extra room on your kitchen counters or even in your refrigerator? This tiered turntable organizer can keep sauces, jams and any other bottled or jarred goods within reach and prevent them from magically disappearing on bottom shelves or in the back of the refrigerator. You can choose from the acacia or bamboo styles to find the finish that best suits your kitchen.

2. Yamakazi Home Expandable Countertop Organizer

While some prefer bare kitchen countertops, sometimes keeping a few essentials on your kitchen counter can be unavoidable. Besser says a self-standing countertop shelf can help keep everything "looking pretty" without feeling like a cluttered mess. This expandable rack is made from steel with a smooth, white finish that can make any kitchen feel clean and modern.

3. West Elm Aaron Probyn Kaloh Spoon Rest

If you don't own one already, Besser says a spoon rest can be a "game-changer" for any kitchen. Whether you're stirring pasta sauce with a wooden spoon or using a silicone spatula to achieve the perfect scramble eggs, this stoneware spoon rest can help keep your counters free of drips and spills. You can even snag this West Elm exclusive on sale right now for less than $8.

4. Cuisinart Mini Food Processor

Besser says owning a mini food processor has truly changed her life, noting that it leaves her with less of a mess to clean up and is easy to stow away, even in small kitchens. This mini food processor can help chop up veggies, make sauces or marinades, grind meat and more.

5. Five Two Bamboo Cutting Board with iPhone Holder

Our phones have likely come to replace our cookbooks, so keeping digital recipes in reach and in view while cracking eggs and chopping up herbs is a must. This cutting board from Food52 can keep your phone propped up on one side while catching juices and food scraps on the other. It has just the right amount of surface area and is thick enough to carve, cut and chop without worrying about it sliding off the counter. Even better? It can also double as a cheese board for wine nights.

6. Costa Farms Aloe Vera Indoor Plant

Aloe vera is one of the most popular methods for soothing sunburn, but the plant can also help relieve mild cooking burns, so it helps to keep one on-hand in the kitchen. Consider it decor that is both modern and functional.

7. Vin Fresco Electric Wine Opener

This wine opener that works with just the push of a button shows that technology is advancing in all of the right ways. If the manual wine opener you bought at the store years ago makes corking the bottle all the more complicated, this electric version can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge. The innovative design also makes it sleek enough to leave out on the counter, so you can pop open your next bottle of rosé in record timing.

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