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The slip shorts you need to help prevent thigh chafing this summer

Welcome back, skirts and dresses.
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It's summer, which can only mean one thing: Thigh chafing season is upon us.

Yes, you read that right. Thigh chafing: the unfortunate, annoying and painful result of skin rubbing against skin. Turns out, this is a nearly universal problem.

You can find all manner of creams and lotions online, purporting to solve the problem chemically. None of them worked for me. They felt weirdly oily, or they wore off too quickly.

So I finally took the plunge, went the garment route, and bought Emprella Slip Shorts on Amazon.

Emprella Slip Shorts 3-Pack

They're mostly cotton, with just enough spandex that they don't stretch out or sag. They're black. They're unobtrusive. They hit at the upper thigh, which for me is the most problematic area. And they're super comfortable.

Amazon shoppers seem to agree. These slip shorts have amassed over 1,500 verified reviews and have a 4-star average rating.

"These changed my summertime life," claimed one verified Amazon shopper. "I wear them under skirts and dresses to keep my thighs from chafing and they work perfectly. They're also a nice safety for work to avoid any accidental flashing in case of an incident."

I can now wear dresses in the summer without doing some weird version of a crab walk to avoid any thigh rashes. Another friend just bought the same set, and she, too, is a convert.

Skirts and dresses, our breakup is over!

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