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Bobbie Thomas shares latest fall beauty trends and best products

The buzzy beauty products to try this season.

Indulging in your beauty routine by putting on a full face of makeup, using your favorite face wash at the end of the day or winding down on the couch while giving yourself a manicure are just some of the ways we might practice self-care.

Whether you want to get glammed up, cleaned up or kick your feet up and relax, some of the buzziest fall beauty can help make it happen. TODAY style contributor Bobbie Thomas shared some of the hottest beauty finds that can make every aspect of your self-care routine, whatever it may look like, a little bit easier.

Ahead, you'll find all of the buzzworthy, Thomas-approved products for skin care, nail care and more.

Double-duty at the drugstore

1. Yes To Tomatoes Foaming Facial Cleanser

Skin care brand Yes To makes a variety of face masks and washes, but this foaming facial cleanser is worth the buzz thanks to its built-in applicator. The charcoal formula provides a gentle cleanse while the applicator makes it feel as though you're giving yourself a mini face massage.

2. Conair 12x Mini Magnification Mirror with Hidden Tweezers

If you notice your brows could use a quick touch up after you leave the house, this mini mirror can fit right in your purse for the moments when you need it most. The hidden tweezers make it a two-for-one deal that can help solve last-minute beauty mishaps.

Trending touch-ups

1. Revlon Oil-Absorbing Roller

After this roller went viral on TikTok over the summer, viewers couldn't get enough. Fans of the handy tool say that it works better than blotting sheets at removing excess oil on the skin.

2. Riki Colorful LED Travel Makeup Mirror & Magnetic Palette

Another two-in-one beauty gadget, this makeup mirror features a hidden palette that can keep all of your de-potted eyeshadow and blush pans in one place, allowing you to create a custom palette. The mirror also rotates and uses three light settings to help make creating makeup looks easier.

Innovative soaps

1. MyKirei by KAO Foaming Flower Hand Wash & 'Air' Bottles

This eco-friendly brand dispenses a vegan soap formula in the shape of a Yuzu flower for a "moment of joy." The bottle is not only reusable, but it is also user-friendly thanks to an innovative design that makes it easy for kids and adults alike to use.

2. Gelo Soap Refill Pods Starter Kit

Rather than relying on liquid refills, Gelo uses pods that are full of concentrated cleansers. All you have to do is fill the rest of the bottle with water and shake after placing two pods inside in order to clean and replenish your hands. The pods are also formulated with shea oil and essential oils that allow for frequent hand washing without the dry hands that follow.

3. Spongelle Hand Defense

If liquid soap just isn't cutting it, this hand wash-infused sponge might offer a deeper cleanse that lasts for at least 40 washes. It's formulated with shea and cocoa butter to keep hands soft and smooth but is also specially designed to clean areas that are frequently overlooked during routine hand washing, such as around nail edges and cuticles.

Mani TLC

1. Voesh Collagen Gloves

Glam is a whole lot easier with these collagen gloves! They feature removable fingertips, so you can treat your hands to soothing hydration while you paint your nails, scroll through Instagram or type away on the keyboard.

2. ManiMe Custom Gel Nail Polish Strips

For salon-worthy results in half the time, these custom nail strips are an easy solution. These stick-on strips don't require any UV light, drying time or special process to help make a manicure that can last for up to two weeks.

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