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I love this compact blender for making meals on the go — plus, it cleans itself

It's powerful, portable and surprisingly easy to use.
Blend Jet
Courtesy Stephanie Gravalese

I'm what you would call a small-batch girl. For any given occasion — whether it be an intimate get-together or a night in by myself — I enjoy making condiments, dips, and drinks from scratch whenever I can. Lately, I’ve been dreaming of creating more smoothies, sauces, and soups; however, since it's typically just my partner and me, it feels like a bit much to pull out and assemble a clunky food processor for what might be two cups, at most, of a sauce or a single beverage.

Luckily, I was able to connect with BlendJet, the maker of gadgets that champion the small batch life, and was sent the brand's portable blender to try. The device arrived at my door conveniently pre-charged and ready for blending. So I decided to try some sweet and savory recipes to see how it stood up.

BlendJet 2 Portable Blender

Right off the bat, I loved how it didn't appear to have too many bells and whistles: Measuring about 9-inches tall, it has a single on/off button and a USB-C charging port. The blender canister, which easily screws on and off, holds up to 16 ounces and has measurement markers along the sides for more precise blending.

Can the BlendJet 2 blend frozen fruit?

After a quick rinse of the canister, I got to work making my first recipe: a breakfast fruit smoothie. Since one of the biggest selling points of the blender is its portability — it has a lightweight design and a carry handle is attached to the lid — I thought to bring it with me to my co-working space. (It even fit in my lunch bag with no problem — or spills!)

I added a few pieces of frozen mango, topped it with a couple of frozen strawberries, poured in some fresh peach mango nectar — and let it rip. I read about the BlendJet's patented TurboJet technology, but after using it myself, it's clear that the horsepower of this blender cannot be argued. I was unsure if it would stand up to the frozen fruit, but it came through in spades.

How long does each blend cycle last?

The single on/off button allows you to do an auto cycle that measures about 20 seconds, and at that point, you can look to see if your concoction is blended to your liking or if you prefer to go another round. After just one quick cycle, the strawberries and mango were perfectly blended, and I had an ice-cold beverage that hit the spot.

I love the fast blend, but this device's self-cleaning function might be my favorite feature — it cuts my clean-up time down to just minutes. All I had to do was add a small amount of dish soap and water, screw the top back into place and hit the start button for a single cycle. The high pressure soapy water removed the excess food from the walls and blades instantly. Once it was done, I dumped the dirty water out, added clean water and set it for one more blend. After inspecting for any areas that might need a hand scrub (none!), it was ready to bring back home after a quick dry.

I also found the tool to be extremely useful for making sauces at home. For these recipes, I almost always reach for my food processor, but the BlendJet 2 makes whipping them up just as easy. Even better, the brand also sent me it's brand-new XL Jar, which holds up to 32 ounces of liquid, and I knew that it be the perfect tool to make extra portions of my next foodie experiment: a green pasta sauce.

BlendJet XL Jar (32-Ounce)

I started by adding olive oil and garlic to the blender. Once everything was prepped, I added basil leaves, parsley, oregano, salt, pepper and lemon juice. I turned the device on, and reached my first and only hiccup. The blades are super sharp, so they cut through ingredients easily — but to a point. I ended up having to chop the garlic and remove some of the rougher parsley stems after the first cycle, but the sauce blended up beautifully afterwards. While I wouldn't say it's a full replacement for my food processor, it still only took me about five minutes to make my sauce from start to finish, including washing all of my equipment.

Shop TODAY Stephanie Gravalese using the BlendJet 2 and the 32-ounce jar.
The XL Jar is great for making bigger batches of my favorite recipes, like pasta sauce and smoothies.Courtesy Stephanie Gravalese

The fact that I could use a USB-C cord (the same one I use with my computer) to charge this while in my kitchen or at the office makes it incredibly easy to use anywhere. The blender also keeps its charge for a while, and I was able to use it quite a few times (the brand says 15+ blends) before needing to plug it in again.

If you're looking to take your shakes, dips or dressings on the road, to the office or just on the go, this blender will get the job done. It's the smart tool for effortless small-batch blending I didn't know I needed — but now can't live without.