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AncestryDNA Black Friday deals 2021 – Save on DNA test kits

This Black Friday deal won't last!
Illustration of the AncestryDNA Kit
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The wait is over. Black Friday is officially here, and it's the perfect excuse to get a head-start on your holiday shopping list, or grab some must-haves for yourself at rock-bottom prices.

Retailers like Walmart and Amazon are already dropping impressive discounts on everything from air fryers to noise-canceling earbuds — and even unique products, such as DNA kits.

Many people may wonder about their DNA and family tree — especially if it can help some folks find identical twins and discover hidden pasts. Just in time for the holidays, some of those lingering questions can be answered with an AncestryDNA kit, which is now on sale for a fraction of its original price.

AncestryDNA, a top-selling consumer DNA test, is available for as low as $48 right now, which is about 60% off its original $119 price on Amazon. Now is a great time to take a look at your family history or pick one up as a gift!

AncestryDNA + Traits: Genetic Ethnicity Testing Kit

How does AncestryDNA work? This kit provides a detailed look into your ancestry, using the company's database of family information. You can even dive deeper into discovering traits and how your genes have influenced specific characteristics like appearance, physical endurance, heart rate recovery and more. If you ever have questions about your family tree or ethnicity, it's worth a look!

Is AncestryDNA accurate?

NBC's Investigative Team put AncestryDNA to the test with three identical triplets. Though the three sisters have three different last names, their DNA is identical, which means the results from their tests should have been identical too. When the results from their kits came back, the AncestryDNA test found the DNA to be identical and was able to provide some interesting insight into their heritage.

The AncestryDNA kit is useful for finding out information about your heritage, though it won't shed light on health information.

Our advice? Don't wait to shop this deal — because this limited-time offer on AncestryDNA kits could very well sell out soon!

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