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10 books to read this holiday season, from adventure to romance

Need a new page-turner? Try one of these author-recommended picks.

The holiday season is officially underway! If you’re tired of movie marathons already (though, probably not) you can always resort to the old-fashioned method of entertainment: curling up with a good book.

Already gotten through these six picks for the month? Bestselling authors Isaac Fitzgerald and Jasmine Guillory joined TODAY to share even more reads for the holiday season. From cookbooks to kids' books, Fitzgerald and Guillory have a page-turner for every interest and age group.

Whether you need to build up your own reading list or are in need of a few last-minute gift ideas, keep scrolling for your next book.

Jasmine Guillory’s adventure pick

"Sankofa," by Chibundu Onuzo

"Sankofa" is an adventure story about a woman who discovers that the father she has never met is a former dictator of a small African county. After discovering that he is still alive, she decides to set out on a journey to find him.

"The premise is amazing and the book does it justice — it’s about self discovery, and family, and the meaning of home," Guillory said.

Isaac Fitzgerald’s adventure pick

"Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals," by Oliver Burkeman

While this book won’t necessarily act as a personal planner, it can help you make sense of your own views on time — and how much you value it. It’s not a self-help book nor is it a guidebook. “You'll finish this and be filled with zeal to do the things that make you feel best,” Fitzgerald said.

Jasmine Guillory’s romantic pick

"The Fastest Way to Fall," by Denise Williams

This book is a "total charmer," Guillory said. "The Fastest Way to Fall" is a story about a woman and her fitness coach falling in love.

"I adored Britta and Wes and their love story, but I also loved the way they each grew and changed and learned to understand themselves more throughout the book," Guillory said.

Isaac Fitzgerald’s romantic pick

"The Days of Afrekete," by Asali Solomon

A story of love and romances of the past, “Days of Afrekete” tells the story of two women who had a “fiery” romance during their college days but now lead very different lives. A chance meeting later on in life sparks the plot for this book filled with “hope, heartache, and longing,” according to Fitzgerald.

Jasmine Guillory’s foodie pick

"Black Food: Stories, Art, and Recipes from Across the African Diaspora," by Bryant Terry

Guillory calls this book "the most exciting cookbook" that she has seen in a long time. Through stories, art and most importantly recipes, this book seeks to explore the Black experience and capture the voices of the African diaspora.

"There are lots of great recipes, but also essays, poetry, and art, all about food and it’s connection to life and family and culture," says Guillory.

Isaac Fitzgerald’s foodie pick

"Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer's Guide," by Cecily Wong, Dylan Thuras and Atlas Obscura

While this book isn’t necessarily a cookbook (though you’ll find all sorts of recipes inside), Isaac says it makes for the perfect gift for the foodie in your life. The cousin of Atlas Obscura, Gastro Obscura will intrigue readers to sort out interesting bites from around the world.

Jasmine Guillory’s kids pick:

"Hello, Star," by Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic and Vashti Harrison

"Hello, Star" is about a young girl who promises to keep a dying star company until the light goes out. Guillory describes this book as "full of wonder, imagination, and the joy of discovery about science. The story and the beautiful illustrations come together to make a touching and gorgeous book."

Isaac Fitzgerald’s kids pick

"Stuntboy, in the Meantime," by Jason Reynolds and Raúl the Third

With fighting parents, cases of "the frets" and a bunch of new neighbors in his apartment building, Portico Reeves doesn’t have it easy. According to Fitzgerald, this book ties together the themes of family, anxiety and emotional wellbeing for a fun read for the young reader in your life.

Jasmine Guillory’s author's choice

"Bibliophile: Diverse Spines," by Jamise Harper and Jane Mount

"'Bibliophile: Diverse Spines' is the perfect gift for any book lover you know," Guillory said. Inside the book are interviews with authors, bookstore owners and book lovers. "Just flipping through it gives you so many more books to put on your to read list."

Isaac Fitzgerald’s author's choice

"Afterparties," by Anthony Veasna So

Fitzgerald says this collection of short essays centered on Cambodian immigrants and Cambodian Americans living in California is “filled with humor, melancholy, and heart.” So’s humor is woven throughout the book full of engaging and soulful stories.

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