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This sweater keeps me warm and cozy during the fall season — and it's under $35

This is the staple piece my fall wardrobe has been missing.
Writer Anne Bauso in three images wearing an Amazon pullover sweater outside
TODAY Illustration / Courtesy Anne Bauso

Let me just come out and say it: I am a complete sucker for fall. The second I spot gourds at the supermarket or feel the kiss of a low-60s breeze, I am immediately over the moon. I love the changing leaves, the hot cider — and best of all — the cozy layers.

Good news for me: Amazon is a straight-up treasure trove of affordable sweaters and sweatshirts, so I can update my collection of cozies every year without ramping up my credit card bill. Case in point: this easygoing pullover that's under $25 (when you apply the coupon before checkout!). It’s really more in the territory of a super-thick T-shirt than a heavy-duty sweatshirt, making it a dream for layering and the ideal weight for brisk days.

Aleumdr Pullover Sweatshirt

It's made with stretchy and breathable materials

This casual cover-up is made primarily from polyester, a synthetic material that’s stretchy by design. The 5 percent spandex added here lends even more stretchy comfort. Another polyester perk is that it wicks moisture and dries quickly, making it an excellent first layer in winter. On its own, the material is comfy enough to wear for a day full of activities, from running errands to working out.

It's perfect for layering

Because the material isn’t as thick as your average hoodie — it’s really more like a heavyweight tee — the pullover is perfect for fall weather. Whether you wear it on its own or under a light jacket, it’ll keep you warm without overheating you. It’s just ever so slightly fuzzy on the inside for a tiny bit of extra warmth.

woman wearing gray amazon pullover sweatshirt outside
Anne Bauso / TODAY

Mine has endured peak transitional New York weather. Within the first few days of receiving it in the mail, the temperature bounced from full-on 80s to low 50s to back again. I wore the pullover during ping-ponging temperatures, and it almost always came in handy. Even on the low-80s days of mid-September, it was nice to have for the cooler mornings and evenings. On nights when it dips down to the 50s, the pullover is the perfect weight for post-work jogs around the park.

It has pockets!

Like any good sweatshirt, this one has pockets. Though the pockets here look like a kangaroo pouch, they’re not actually connected. This is a key distinction for me because the silhouette is much more flattering than your standard hoodie with a big, bulky pocket splashed across the tummy. Note that the pockets are on the shallow side — a tiny corner of my iPhone 11 peeps out, though I’d prefer total protection.

They’re great for smaller items, though, like AirPods, lip balm and a bottle of hand sanitizer. This is where I’ll pipe up with my appreciation for the design again, as small-pocket items won’t make that same awkward lump right at the midsection. It looks much sleeker.

woman wearing gray amazon pullover sweatshirt outside
Anne Bauso / TODAY

There's a huge range of colors, patterns and sizes

I’m boring, so I stuck with a basic gray for my first order. Now that I know I’m a fan, I have my eye on the sweatshirt’s range of fun shades, especially the Western print running across the chest (I’m getting real '80s vibes from these, in the best possible way). Fans of camo and floral designs have options, too. All of the 19 colors are available in sizes S through XXL.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to add a few more of these pullovers to my cart!