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This 4-in-1 makeup brush helped me declutter my makeup bag for good

The popular brush had a 10,000-person waitlist, and it's finally back in stock.
Megan Foster / TODAY

When I watch tutorials from experienced makeup artists, I wonder how they keep track of all their products. Some have upwards of 10 eyeshadow palettes and others have lipstick collections that can fill an entire drawer. The thing that throws me for a loop is how they have space for all their tools, mainly because applying makeup requires multiple brushes.

I wear makeup regularly, but with so many tools on the market, I didn't know what I really needed for my simple routine. So when I heard about a bestselling product that could replace all the brushes in my makeup bag, I was immediately intrigued.

Alleyoop Multi-Tasker 4-in-1 Makeup Brush

The Alleyoop Multi-Tasker is a 4-in-1 brush equipped with frequently used makeup applicators. It looks like a double-ended tool with a powder brush on one end and a blending sponge on the other. However, a twist of the heads reveals two additional brushes designed for eye shadow and eyeliner application.

While looking at my disorganized makeup bag, it was clear that a single beauty tool could make my routine significantly easier and save space. I liked the promise of an all-in-one brush, but I was skeptical that it could replace most of my beauty tools.

I put it to the test by using the pointed-tip blending sponge to smooth my liquid foundation. It took some practice because I was accustomed to using a larger blending brush, but I was able to achieve even coverage.

The bristles on the brush applicators are made with latex- and cruelty-free synthetic fibers that are soft to the touch, blend makeup nicely, and are a good option if you have sensitive skin.

I used the powder brush end to apply my bronzer and blush. One of my favorite characteristics of this head is that the bristles are cut at a slight angle that makes contouring easy.

Though quarantine has temporarily allowed me to take a break from eye makeup, I wanted to see if the shadow brush was easy to use. This one took some getting used to since I usually reach for one with a dome shape, but with a couple of trials, I was pleased with my eyeshadow results.

The smallest brush of the bunch is by far my favorite because it's surprisingly versatile. I used it for my brows and eyeliner. It has a very small, angled tip that allowed me to control how I applied my makeup precisely. Although I use a pressed powder with this brush, I would also feel comfortable using it with a cream-based product.

The tool includes a powder brush, a blending sponge, a medium shadow brush and an angled brow brush.
The tool includes a powder brush, a blending sponge, a medium shadow brush and an angled brow brush. Megan Foster / TODAY

I often find that quality is sacrificed for convenience with many multi-use beauty products. Thankfully, the brush heads on the Alleyoop Multi-Tasker were capable of producing the same results I'd get if I were to use my regular brushes.

The innovative brush design hasn't gone unnoticed. The product sold out in January after accumulating an 8,000 person waitlist. In April, the Multi-Tasker had over 10,000 pre-orders — but it's finally back in stock.

It won't replace every tool in my makeup bag, and I still intend to use my eyebrow comb and my dome-shaped eyeshadow brush. However, I can confidently say that the Multi-Tasker makes getting ready in the morning much less overwhelming since I don't have to fumble through all my tools.

Alleyoop also has a 4-in-1 makeup pen, which includes an eyeliner in black and brown, a highlighter and a lip liner. Based on my success with the 4-in-1 brush, I fully intend to give the pen a shot as well.

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