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5 products to make life easier, according to a lifestyle expert

Simplify your life at home with these "better basics."
The Grommet

While we're staying at home and practicing social distancing we're also looking for ways to make life at home easier. Implementing a home schedule, enjoying fun indoor activities and taking up smart cleaning habits have become a priority for many families.

Lifestyle expert Jenn Falik joined Shop TODAY on Instagram to share useful "better basics" that can help simplify life at home. From keeping the kids busy to a little self-care, these simple products can make a huge difference and make your life so much easier.

Below, shop Falik's top picks and head to Shop TODAY's Instagram account to learn more.

Help your kids wash their hands

Having trouble getting your kids into a better handwashing routine? This "scrub bug" is a handy little tool that effectively washes their hands while making it a fun task.

Scrub Bug

"We keep one of these by every sink in the house that my kids use," Falik said. "It's a Scrub Bug, instead of washing your hands the basic way add this into the routine. It's going to get their hands so much cleaner, up to three times cleaner than hand washing alone."

The small scrubber has a bristle and sponge combination that's gentle on skin but effectively eliminates dirt under fingernails and in between fingers.

Clean smarter, not harder

Tackling spring cleaning while you're at home? This pack of 10 dishtowels is perfect for everything from drying dishes to wiping down your countertops. Falik said it's easy to see why the brand has a cult-like following after trying them out.

Swedish Dish Towels

The Swedish Dish Towels are reusable and eco-friendly, making them a perfect way to tackle household messes, says Falik. "They are rigid and then you get them wet, they are super absorbent. Wipe down a countertop, throw it in the wash and voilà, they're as good as new!"

Looks like it's time to ditch paper towels once and for all!

Keep your color fresh without leaving home

You can't get your hair done at the salon right now, but you can touch up your roots at home.

According to Falik, this easy-to-use root spray is foolproof. Available in seven shades, a few spritzes are all you need for gorgeous, temporary hair color.

R+Co Root Touch-up Spray

"It's better basic-worthy because the way that the pigments are treated makes the colors multi-dimensional so it looks really professional and polished," Falik said.

Organize your kids' home school schedules

Homeschooling your kids is not easy and parents everywhere have a renewed respect for teachers. One way to keep track of classes, homework, and activities is a dry erase schedule that you can hang on the wall.

Dry Erase Schedule for Home School

"We swear by this $15 find to organize our days," Falik raved. She also loved that it reminds her kids of their school and helps them stay focused. "I love it because it's dry erase and it has pockets. So you can change things around, you can easily switch up times if you're running late and it just gives us a sense of structure every day."

Keep your kids occupied while being creative

With this new product, your kids can make sidewalk chalk masterpieces without the mess. The innovative chalk rollers are washable and keep the chalk on the sidewalk instead of all over your kids.

The rollers can help your family make oversized works of art while keeping kids occupied during long days of social distancing.

Chalk Foam Roller

"The ultimate better basic for outdoor fun is this sidewalk chalk," Falik said. "It's washable and comes in these great paint rollers. All you do is throw in some water, mix it up and make giant designs. We have so much fun with this."

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