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How to maintain your eyebrows at home according to an expert

Plus, the best eyebrow products to use.
She's meticulous about her beauty
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If you’re used to going to the salon to keep up with regular beauty services, the thought of doing them at home may be intimidating. Whether you buy a waxing kit online or read up on spring skin care solutions, achieving a salon-worthy look isn’t always easy.

Luckily, with a little extra time on your hands, you can take the opportunity to take matters into your own hands with some advice from a professional.

Professional eyebrow shaper Giselle Soto shared her tips and tricks for achieving perfect brows at home on Shop TODAY's Instagram page. Like many of us, Soto is practicing social distancing and working from home, she says. "I figured why not share with you guys some of my favorite tools and products that you guys can use while at home!"

Read on to see how to maintain perfect brows in between salon appointments.

Exfoliate your brows

To prep your brows, Soto recommends exfoliating with natural products regularly.

"Exfoliating your brows once a week is really really good," she said. "It helps remove any dead skin cells, any product that's build up into your pores that's not allowing new growth to come through."

Big Tree Farms Organic Brown Coconut Sugar

She uses this organic brown sugar in combination with lemon to start her brow routine. "When you mix these two together, it creates a gentle exfoliant," she noted. There are plenty of exfoliants on the market, but Soto prefers using a natural brown sugar option.

Promote healthy brows with castor oil

After exfoliating, Soto says she loves applying castor oil to promote hair growth.

"It helps stimulate hair growth, and it also helps nourish my follicle to help promote healthy, shiny brows," she said. "It works wonders for my hair, so I use it on my brows and it tends to work just the same."

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

This top-rated Hollywood Beauty castor oil is designed to strengthen and condition hair using nourishing ingredients like rosemary extract, lavender extract and vitamin E.

Deep condition

Soto also recommends using a deep conditioner on your eyebrows.

"This is so important, especially when it's cold outside because your brows become really dry," she said. "When your brows become dry, they tend to fall out easier, they create split ends, and they don't grow as fast because they need those nourishing products and oils to grow."

Deep Conditioning Mask

According to the brand, this mask helps reverse damaged hair by infusing hair with nutrients that repair follicles from within. Apply it to dry hair and massage it in so that your brows are completely covered. Then, let it sit for approximately 10 minutes, rinse it off and continue your eyebrow routine.

Fill in your brows

When it comes to the best eyebrow makeup, Soto recommends using a brow powder versus a pencil or a pen.

"I love, love, love, brow powders as they create a very soft and natural end result," she raved.

Anastasia Brow Powder Duo

This compact powder duo will help you create a soft, natural-looking eyebrow in just a few strokes. It's lightweight and provides sheer to medium coverage.

"Pick a color that's one shade lighter than your actual hair color to achieve the most natural results," she advises.

Clean up your brows

Though Soto admits she's not a fan of shaping your own eyebrows at home, she suggests cleaning up arches at home using a pair of sharp, slanted tweezers.

Tweezerman Rose Gold Slant Tweezer

The Rose Gold Slant Tweezer from Tweezerman is crafted with premium stainless steel and comes with a lifetime warranty — meaning you can send them to the company to get them sharpened whenever they get dull.

"These are my favorite. They are slanted and very, very sharp and help with precision," she pointed out.

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