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Sweet and Spicy Dr Pepper Ribs

Nathan Congleton / TODAY
Cook Time:
3 hrs
Prep Time:
1 hr
1 rack of ribs

Chef notes

Hidden in a jewelry center in Mexico City is a place called Hilaria. The brilliant chef there taught me how to make her signature ribs. Her use of citrus, not just as a flavoring but as a marinade to soften the meat, was incredibly brilliant. I was afraid the sauce would come out too sweet, but she found great counterpoints bringing in sour and spicy notes as well.

I love Korean flavors like gochujang, and the thickness of the paste makes it ideal for brushing onto ribs. Let them cook until they get a nice crispy bark and you'll have a great meal on your hands.

Technique tip: Don't keep opening the oven to check on the ribs! Keep the heat on, keep the aluminum foil sealed and trust the process.

Swap option: If you don't have Dr Pepper, you can substitute Mr. Pibb or Cherry Coke. Pineapple juice is a great swap for orange juice but don't marinate it longer than 12 hours. You can use standard chili powder or chipotle in place of ancho.

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