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Harrison Ford on reuniting with Helen Mirren for ‘1923’: It’s like ‘we’ve been married for 40 years’

The Hollywood legends were paired up in 1986's "The Mosquito Coast."
/ Source: TODAY

Over the past six decades in Hollywood, Harrison Ford has played an adventurer ("Raiders of the Lost Ark"), a space pirate ("Star Wars") and a falsely-accused doctor ("The Fugitive").

But his latest turn has taken him down a new road, into television on not one, but two series: "Yellowstone" prequel "1923" and "Shrinking." And no surprise, he's run into at least one familiar face on "1923": Helen Mirren, an actor with an equally-storied career.

Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton and Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton
Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton and Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton in the Paramount+ series "1923." Emerson Miller / Paramount+

On "1923," the pair play a couple trying to hold on to their massive family ranch, but this isn't the first time they've co-starred as husband and wife: They were also married in 1986's "The Mosquito Coast." And as Ford told Savannah Guthrie, they've had quite a reunion.

"It was a delight. I mean, it's almost as if we've been married for 40 years," he said an interview that aired Feb. 3 on TODAY. "She's just a delight to work with. And she doesn't take herself terribly seriously."

"1923" features Ford, 80, and Mirren, 77, playing the 20th-century ancestors of the Duttons featured in "Yellowstone," struggling to hold on to their land and family with varying degrees of success. And while there's strife all around their characters, Jacob and Cara, the pair truly operate as an unbreakable duo.

The Mosquito Coast. An inventor spurns his city life and moves his family into the jungles of Central America to make a utopia. Starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren.
Ford and Mirren in 1986's "The Mosquito Coast."Alamy

"I asked Taylor (Sheridan, show creator) about the relationship before we had a script, and he said he doesn't like to write conflict in families," said Ford, though fans of "1923" and "Yellowstone" know that might not be 100% accurate.

Meanwhile, despite being in his 80s, Ford has no intention of retiring or dialing back. Coming up, he has the next installment in the "Indiana Jones" series in post-production and says that he'll come back for a second season of "1923," just announced this week.

Harrison Ford
Ford tells Savannah Guthrie that he's in for a second season of "1923."TODAY

"The idea of not working doesn't make much sense to me," he said. "It's really where I feel most alive."

But don't ask him to look back and reflect; Ford says he doesn't do much of that, even though his wife, "Ally McBeal" star Calista Flockhart, would like him to. "(That's) the direction she wants me to go," he said. "But I'm too busy trying to figure out what I'm doing right now."