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'Bachelorette' cast 2023: Meet the 25 men chosen for Charity Lawson

The list includes a yacht captain, an underwater welder, two Calebs and Kaleb.
Meet Spencer, Josh and Aaron B.
Meet Spencer, Josh and Aaron B.ABC
/ Source: TODAY

Charity Lawson is back and hoping to find her prince charming as the newest “Bachelorette."

Charity was first introduced as a contestant on Zach Shallcross’ season of “The Bachelor" in January 2023. The 27-year-old child and family therapist developed a connection with Zach and made it to “Hometowns” week. He decided to eliminate her and she tearfully told him goodbye

But she wasn’t heartbroken for too long because host Jesse Palmer surprised Charity at the “Women Tell All” special by revealing she had been chosen as the next lead.

Fans can watch "The Bachelorette" Season 20 every Monday at 8 p.m. ET to follow along Charity’s second chance at finding love on reality television. 

Charity Lawson.
Charity Lawson.Sami Drasin / ABC

“The Bachelorette” teaser for the season showed the Columbus, Georgia native taking her rightful place on the throne as the “Queen of Roses.” 

“Let her reign begin,” the description on the YouTube video said.

Further teasers and trailers show more of her journey. In one video, she introduces the men of her season. Brayden practices his best, "Can I steal you for a second?" Dotun says he is in the "right time and the right place" for Charity.

So, who will rule beside her? Get to know the 25 men who could fall in love with Charity on Season 20 of “The Bachelorette” and check back here to follow who has been eliminated, drawing from their official ABC bios.

Aaron B., 29

Aaron B.
Aaron B.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Software salesman

Hometown: San Diego, California 

Hobbies/Passions: Aaron B. is a former football player who is a fan of Tyler, the Creator, James Patterson novels and Cajun food. 

Fun Fact: He is self-taught on the piano and violin. 

Is he still in the running? No. After introducing her to his family, Aaron told Charity he was falling in love with her and felt confident that he would receive a rose. But, she decided to send him home, tearfully sharing that she was breaking her own heart as she told him goodbye.

Update: Aaron B. returned in Episode Seven to fight for his relationship with Charity. She said she needed time to process her feelings for him.

During the finale, Charity and Aaron B. shared one final date together before she eliminated him at the final three rose ceremony.

Aaron S., 33

Aaron S.
Aaron S.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Firefighter

Hometown: San Diego, California

Hobbies/Passions: Aaron S. is adventurous and enjoys surfing, paddle boarding and cage diving with great white sharks. 

Fun Fact: He loves watching “Austin Powers.” 

Is he still in the running? No, he was sent home in Episode Three.

Adrian, 33

Adrian.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Realtor

Hometown: Northridge, California

Hobbies/Passions: Adrian is also a personal trainer and helps others along their fitness journeys. He is a single dad, as well. 

Fun Fact: He could picture himself being a culinary traveler.

Is he still in the running? No, he was eliminated in Episode Three.

Brayden, 24

Brayden.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Travel nurse

Hometown: San Diego, California

Hobbies/Passions: Brayden loves his dog, River.

Fun Fact: He wants his future partner to teach him how to salsa dance.

Is he still in the running? No. After butting heads with the other guys for weeks and repeatedly voicing his concerns about the process to Charity, Brayden decided to self-eliminate during Episode Four. He briefly returned to explain his abrupt departure at the rose ceremony before leaving again.

Caleb A., 29

Caleb A.
Caleb A. Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Resident physician

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hobbies/Passions: When he isn’t on call, Caleb can be found hiking, spending time with friends or ordering takeout as he watches a movie. 

Fun Fact: He describes his guilty pleasure as “trash pizza.” 

Is he still in the running? No, he was sent home during Week Two.

Caleb B., 24

Caleb B.
Caleb B.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Pro wrestler

Hometown: Orlando, Florida 

Hobbies/Passions: Caleb B. says he is family-oriented guy and wants to start his own family soon. 

Fun Fact: He hopes to get his paragliding certification one day. 

Is he still in the running? No, he was eliminated in Episode Four and shared an emotional goodbye with Charity.

Chris S., 27

Chris S.
Chris S.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Business owner

Hometown: White Plains, New York

Hobbies/Passions: Chris S. loves sports and used to play football. He also holds two Guinness World Records for highest standing box jump and the highest standing backflip.  

Fun Fact: If he could be any superhero, he would pick The Flash. 

Is he still in the running? No, he was eliminated night one.

Dotun, 30

Dotun.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Integrative medicine specialist

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Hobbies/Passions: Dotun enjoys traveling and took an unplanned 45-day trip to Europe. 

Fun Fact: He wouldn’t mind being the head of the CIA. 

Is he still in the running? Yes!

James, 28

James.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Attorney 

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Hobbies/Passions: James writes love letters to his girlfriends and frequently travels to his family’s apple farm. 

Fun Fact: He is a huge fan of “Drivers License” singer Olivia Rodrigo. 

Is he still in the running? No, he was sent home in Episode Three.

Joe, 32

Joe.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Tech operations director

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Hobbies/Passions: Joe likes to try new restaurants, go hiking and attend EDM music festivals. 

Fun Fact: He considers himself a “plant daddy.” 

Is he still in the running? No, he was eliminated night one.

Joey, 27

Joey.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Tennis pro

Hometown: Lawai, Hawaii

Hobbies/Passions: Joey plays tennis during the day before watching the sunset with his friends at night. 

Fun Fact: He sports green and gold at football games as a proud Green Bay Packers fan. 

Is he still in the running? No. Although Joey was confident throughout the finale that he was meant to be with Charity, she developed a stronger connection with someone else.

He said he wished her the best during their emotional goodbye.

John B., 27

John B.
John B.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Data scientist

Hometown: New York, New York

Hobbies/Passions: John B. likes to reread the “Harry Potter” novels, taste new foods at restaurants in NYC and listen to singer-songwriter Chelsea Cutler. 

Fun Fact: He has visited five continents. 

Is he still in the running? No. John's relationship with Charity started off strong but fizzled. He worried about running out of time to build their connection in Episode Four and he was right. He tearfully said goodbye to Charity and the men at the end of the episode.

John Henry, 30

John Henry.
John Henry.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Underwater welder

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hobbies/Passions: John Henry loves exploring the ocean, working out and listening to A$AP Rocky. 

Fun Fact: He has only watched 20 films in his entire life. 

Is he still in the running? No, he was sent home during Week Two.

Josh, 28

Josh.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Harvard grad student

Hometown: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 

Hobbies/Passions: Josh frequently visits speakeasy bars and enjoys playing board games. 

Fun Fact: He left Wall Street to work for a nonprofit that builds international affordable housing. 

Is he still in the running? No, he was sent home during Week Two.

Kaleb K., 26

Kaleb K.
Kaleb K.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Construction salesman

Hometown: Norcross, Georgia 

Hobbies/Passions: Kaleb K. used to play Division I football and has a blue belt in jujitsu. 

Fun Fact: He is absolutely disgusted by mayonnaise. 

Is he still in the running? No, he was sent home during Week Two.

Khalid, 28

Khalid.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Tech recruiter

Hometown: Dearborn, Michigan

Hobbies/Passions: Khalid listens to “Kill Bill” singer SZA and can be found working out at the gym. 

Fun Fact: He would like to have the power to teleport. 

Is he still in the running? No, he was eliminated night one.

Michael, 28

Michael.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Yacht captain

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Hobbies/Passions: Michael enjoys hanging out with his grandfather and the rest of his family. 

Fun Fact: He strongly believes mushrooms do not belong on pizza and won’t date someone who disagrees. 

Is he still in the running? No, he was sent home at the end of Episode Four.

Nick, 32

Nick.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: HR executive 

Hometown: Bayonne, New Jersey

Hobbies/Passions: Nick is a great cook and dreams of making a meal for one of his favorite celebrities, like Keanu Reeves, Bill Burr or Taylor Swift. 

Fun Fact: He would love to live in Shanghai. 

Is he still in the running? No, he was eliminated night one.

Peter, 33

Peter.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Airline pilot

Hometown: New York, New York

Hobbies/Passions: Peter’s faith is important to him and he has flown all over the world as a commercial aviator. 

Fun Fact: He plays pickleball. 

Is he still in the running? No, he was eliminated night one.

Sean, 25

Sean.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Software sales rep

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Hobbies/Passions: Sean likes to golf, go on boat rides with his friends and play with his French bulldog. 

Fun Fact: He has a sweet tooth and dunks his chocolate chip cookies in whole milk. 

Is he still in the running? No, he was sent home in Episode Five after secretly meeting Charity to voice his concerns when he did not receive a one-on-one date.

Spencer, 32

Spencer.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Medical sales director

Hometown: Moorpark, California 

Hobbies/Passions: Spencer is a single dad who likes to ride his bike along the California coast and read Jack Kerouac books. 

Fun Fact: He names Anthony Bourdain as his hero. 

Is he still in the running? No, he was sent home during Week Two.

Tanner, 30

Tanner.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Mortgage lender

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Hobbies/Passions: Tanner is a big dog lover. His family rescued over 50 dogs when he was a child. 

Fun Fact: He likes golden retrievers. 

Is he still in the running? No, he was sent home in Episode Five after Charity realized their relationship had not progressed enough leading into Hometown Week.

Taylor, 32

Taylor.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Loan officer

Hometown: Springboro, Ohio

Hobbies/Passions: Taylor likes to make his girlfriend breakfast in bed before she wakes up.

Fun Fact: He has a miniature schnauzer named Alfred. 

Is he still in the running? No, he was eliminated night one.

Warwick, 27

Warwick.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Construction manager

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee 

Hobbies/Passions: Warwick cherishes his Japanese roots and has traveled to Japan multiple times. 

Fun Fact: He would like to see an English Premier League game in person. 

Is he still in the running? No, he was sent home in Episode Three during his one-on-one date.

Xavier, 27

Xavier.Ricky Middlesworth / ABC

Occupation: Biomedical scientist

Hometown: Carrboro, North Carolina

Hobbies/Passions: Xavier likes to knit and play video games. 

Fun Fact: He stands tall at 6 foot 6 inches. 

Is he still in the running? No. In Episode Seven, he shocked Charity by revealing he had been "unfaithful "in his past relationship. He said he needed to see "more" from Charity to confidently say he would not cheat on her in the future. Instead of asking him to spend a night in the fantasy suite, Charity cut their date short and sent him home.

Who did Charity choose?

Dotun Olubeko and Charity Lawson in "The Bachelorette" season finale.
Dotun Olubeko and Charity Lawson in "The Bachelorette" Season 20 finale.Craig Sjodin / ABC

Charity gave her final rose to Dotun and the two got engaged.

They celebrated their effortless love story during the "After the Final Rose" special.