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'The Bachelorette': Are Charity Lawson and Dotun Olubeko still together?

The couple shared an update about their relationship.
/ Source: TODAY

Charity Lawson's love story concluded on Season 20 of "The Bachelorette" — and it ended the right way, according to many fans.

Charity ultimately picked Dotun Olubeko in the finale. During the “After the Final Love Rose” special, Charity and Dotun gave an update about their relationship ... and they’re happily together, out in public for the first time.

“We’ve anticipated this moment. Just to be free and in public, to live lives normally. This is everything,” Charity said.

It wasn't a seamless journey. First, she eliminated Aaron Bryant, then felt conflicted when her family seemed to prefer Joey Graziadi over Dotun.

Once at the proposal, though, Charity said her doubts were gone. “You made me feel alive. You made me believe in love again. You made me feel so valued and so seen,” she said. “I see you as my husband. I see you as my future. I see it so clear and I don’t have any doubts. I love you so much.”

The feelings are strong still. "She's everything to me," Dotun said, adding that he's "never been so sure" of anything in his life.

Charity's mom, Vicky, gave an update on her end, too. "I'm happy for them. I've gotten to know Dotun a little bit better, so yes, I'm very happy," she said.

In a People interview published Aug. 22, the day after the finale, Charity revealed she doesn't want a lengthy engagement and thinks she and Dotun will tie the knot in either 2025 or 2026.

Charity also shared that she is "definitely open to having two weddings," one traditional Nigerian celebration and a standard American nuptial.

But for now, Dotun tells People that they are looking forward to "the little things" and "just living life" together now that their relationship is public.

“It’s going to be grocery shopping, concerts and hanging out with friends. It’s really basic," Dotun said. "We’re looking forward to it all, though."

During the finale, Charity did clear up that while she called Dotun her "future baby daddy," they are not having a child any time soon.