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Martha Stewart reveals secrets to her ‘iconic thirst trap’ success in new video

We're taking notes.

Pay attention, because Martha Stewart is here to teach us everything we need to know about creating the perfect “thirst trap.”

A thirst trap is a sensual photo you post on social media to grab people’s attention. Stewart, 80, has definitely mastered the art of these sultry pics, and the lifestyle guru just shared some of her secrets in a tongue-in-cheek TikTok video as part of her partnership with the beauty brand Clé de Peau Beauté. 

"Remember my iconic thirst trap?" Stewart wrote on her Instagram page, along with the TikTok video. "I’m finally revealing how I create the perfect selfie."

“Thirst Trap 101,” a female narrator in the video says as Stewart sips from a gold-rimmed cup. “So you want the tea on how I create my perfect selfies?”

Behind her, we see the photo that really established her thirst trap cred: a sexy selfie she snapped as she climbed out of her pool in the Hamptons in 2020. 

“Oh yes, this was some of my best work,” the narrator says as Stewart gestures toward the seductive pic.

Then Stewart demonstrates the specific steps of creating a great thirst trap. The first step is simply to “project fabulous,” and of course we would expect nothing less from Stewart.

“Next, only conceal where needed,” the narrator continues, as Stewart dabs on some concealer. “Being effortless is key! Now, add a touch of gloss. Then say the magic phrase: Clé de Peau.”

Stewart repeats “Clé de Peau” twice more, then ends with a sultry shrug and sly smile. 

Fans on TikTok were not prepared for this flawless thirst trap demo.

“I just fainted,” one person commented on the video.


“Martha taught me how to make rose water in the 90’s and now she’s teaching me how to take thirst traps. Queen!!!” another fan commented.

Stewart is not the only celebrity who's mastered the art of the thirst trap. Jenna Bush Hager made an epic thirst trap of her own recently, which she had promised to do if the TODAY with Hoda & Jenna Instagram account reached 1 million followers.

Jenna absolutely understood the assignment, posing for some windblown photos while dressed as a "naughty school girl." 

“Reading is sexy,” she captioned the pics on Instagram.