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What is a thirst trap — and some celebs who nailed it

If these celebrities can do it, you can too!
Jenna Bush Hager tries her hand at taking a thirst trap.
Jenna Bush Hager tries her hand at taking a thirst trap.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Ah, the thirst trap: the social media post that makes your comment section blow up with the likes of "you're so hot" "🔥🔥🔥" and "OKKKK."

Jenna Bush Hager shot her first thirst trap on Wednesday to celebrate hitting 1 million followers on the Hoda & Jenna Instagram account — but she's got plenty of company.

A thirst trap, in the most formal of definitions, is a sexy or flirty photo meant to elicit a viewer's attention. When you break down the phrase, it makes a little more sense: you're trying to trap someone into admitting their thirst (attraction) to you because of your jaw-dropping post (or, posts. We aren't judging.)

A thirst trap is always clearly posted or sent for the attention and admiration of one or more people — but is often done coyly enough that it airs more on the side of flirty than explicit. (Usually.)

How does one take a thirst trap?

You might put on the perfect outfit and give your look some extra oomph. Or a thirst trap could be au naturale, giving off an "effortlessly hot" effect. Examples of things that may help you achieve this: golden hour lighting, being fresh off the beach, a post-workout selfie or a "no-makeup" makeup look.

But, more than anything, a thirst trap is all about being confident — because as we know, there's nothing hotter than being your authentic self.

In case you need some physical examples of what a thirst trap may look like, we've rounded up some celebrities who've mastered the art of the thirst trap — and some of them may surprise you.

Jenna Bush Hager

As a promise to fans of Hoda & Jenna, Jenna said that if they reached 1 million followers on their Instagram account, she would take thirst trap photos and post them — and she delivered.

Jenna took these photos in a setting where she felt most comfortable: surrounded by books. Hoda assisted by blowing a hairdryer in Jenna's face, giving a "wind-blown" look to the photo, as Jenna experimented with different faces and poses. The final picture? Incredible.

Martha Stewart

Contrary to what you may believe at first, thirst traps have no relation to water — unless you're bringing up Martha Stewart, that is.

The queen of lifestyle is known to post a thirst trap here and there on her Instagram, but this shot of her striking a glam pose in her East Hampton pool takes the cake. While her caption focuses more on the specifics of how the pool was built, we're just zeroing in on those pursed lips and sensual gaze. It's Martha's world and we're just living in it.

Jennifer Lopez

JLo, our favorite triple threat, posted this saucy photo of her by the pool (sensing a theme?). There's no denying — JLo does, and always will, look amazing. We're convinced she doesn't age at all.

Leslie Jordan

Pro tip: posting a vintage thirst trap photo is also very acceptable — take it from 66-year-old actor Leslie Jordan.

He posted this vintage photo from the 80's of him with a "6-pack" in front of a vintage car. We'd say that's pretty sexy!


Although this probably doesn't come as a shock, Lizzo might just be the queen of the thirst trap. As a frequent thirst trap poster, she has her poses, fits and faces nailed down to a science. It goes without saying that Lizzo pretty much always understands the assignment.

Channing Tatum

OK, we get it — you were in "Magic Mike." All jokes aside, Channing Tatum takes it to the next level with one thirst trap, but in the image below, shows that even a photo taken by a child can be a thirst trap.

Tan France

Take notes from Tan: you can dedicate your thirst trap to a friend!

In this photo from Queer Eye style icon Tan France, he dedicates his thirst trap to an important cause: JVN's birthday.

Anna Marie Tendler

Tendler, ex-wife of comedian John Mulaney, proves that even the most profound photos can have sex appeal. For those who appreciate the finer things in life, and want their thirst traps to reflect as such, take notes from our elegant friend.

Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum, known for his hilarious one-liners and cadence, proves that he's not just a one-trick pony. In his caption, he references this photo as a "reward" for making sure his fans are registered to vote. We'd consider it as such.