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Martha Stewart’s dating advice for Drew Barrymore couldn’t be more Martha Stewart

“It wasn’t exactly appropriate, but it was good for a night,” she said.
/ Source: TODAY

It's the age-old question: When will we meet someone who blows us away?

Drew Barrymore asked Martha Stewart why she can't meet someone who "knocks me off of my socks" and "is hot," and the lifestyle expert had quite the surprising answer.

"I got knocked out of my socks last week by somebody," Stewart said plainly, according to a preview clip of the Dec. 8 episode of "The Drew Barrymore Show."

"Very attractive," she added.

Stewart's response appeared to knock the wind out of Barrymore — but the 82-year-old wasn't done there.

"Don’t you meet a lot of guys, where do you go at night?" she asked Barrymore, while petting Barrymore's dog Douglas.

"Home ..." Barrymore, 48, reluctantly replied.

"Don’t you go out to dinners and parties and stuff? Your friends have to be sitting you next to eligible young men," Stewart said.

Barrymore explained she is "not living that life." "Martha, how do I do it?" she pleaded.

"To start, you have a lot of friends, and they should be inviting you to eat," Stewart said.

She then clarified how helpful her friends actually were: "They didn’t do that for me either, by the way. I had to do it myself."

Barrymore couldn't contain herself at this point and asked for details on the person who knocked Stewart out of her socks.

"It wasn’t exactly appropriate, but it was good for a night," Stewart said, sending the audience into applause and Barrymore into a huge grin.

Stewart then added: "Nothing happened, we didn’t go home together or anything, but it was just like a little flirtation. It’s nice."

Stewart has opened up about her dating life before, including how she had been asked out after the launch of her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover earlier this year.

"I’ve gotten a few inquiries. Just a couple," Stewart told "Entertainment Tonight" in May.

But Stewart said dating isn't at the top of her list of priorities and that her packed schedule makes it hard to date.

"You have to make time for certain things. My garden is very important," she said, while adding her grandchildren take precedent in her life. "It's the best. I have two amazing grandchildren."

"I know a lot of eligible men," she told E! Insider Shop in March. "I think they really want a woman who will take care of them, so I’m still not quite in that position where I can take care of a man full-time because I work too much."