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Drew Barrymore explains why she gets so close to her talk show guests

The host also reacts to memes about her hands-on approach.

Drew Barrymore likes to get up close and personal with guests on "The Drew Barrymore Show," and her intimate interviews have inspired some viewers to create some hilarious memes.

The talk show host, 48, stopped by “The Tonight Show” this week and Jimmy Fallon couldn't help but point out that she really has a hands-on approach to interviewing.

Fallon first showed Barrymore a photo of herself facing Brooke Shields during an interview and said, “You guys are basically spooning," then presented another photo of Barrymore kneeling down close to Chloe Bailey.

Drew Barrymore, Hallie
Chloe Bailey's appearance on the "Drew Barrymore Show."Ash Bean  / The Drew Barrymore Show

“You can’t sit in your chair. You get in there,” Fallon said.

“I feel this magnetic pull,” she responded.

Fallon then showed Barrymore one meme that playfully poked fun at Barrymore’s intimate interviews, showing two people's eyes touching because they were so close. The "Ever After" actor responded saying she’s really “into” the memes.

“At first I was like, ‘Oh is this a good thing? I can’t tell.’ And then I was like, ‘No this is awesome! It’s so much fun.’” she exclaimed.

Barrymore has been in the business for several decades and said pulls from her experience as an interviewee.

“I’ve also been on the other side of interviews my whole life... There’s all different kinds of interviews and conversations. You’re more of a conversationalist (Jimmy). You take the armor off piece by piece, you have fun. There’s no ‘gotchas’ here,” she said.

When it came time to start her show, Barrymore said she did some soul searching to determine how she wanted to speak with her guests.

"I just wanted to try and sort of think about what I felt my whole life and how I'd be so excited if someone asked me a different question, or there was good energy in the room, or if it didn't feel like, 'I'm sitting here asking you a question but I'm not gonna reveal anything about myself,'" she said.

Barrymore went on to say that her therapist always tells her she’s not supposed to be “attached to things,” then explained why she can’t help but form a connection with her guests.

“I love doing the show so much. I get to learn from people every day. I get to have these incredible conversations that I definitely take something away. It’s always improving my life, it’s profound, it’s fun,” she said.

"I love people. I love every human being on the planet," Barrymore continued. "I'm fascinated and everyone has a story and every person is exceptional and interesting. And it is so fun to literally get to be a conversationalist at work. It's the coolest thing in the world."