23 best educational toys for toddlers and kids 2019

Yes, there are actually toys that are both fun AND educational!
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By Julie Loffredi

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Know a kid with a birthday coming up? Give the gift of learning! Whether you have a budding scientist, little engineer, curious bookworm, artist or doctor-to-be on your shopping list, these educational kits and toys will surely get that brain growing at any age.

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Educational toys for toddlers and babies

Get a head start on learning the periodic table! This set of 20 blocks contains all the elements.

Child development experts also recommend these gifts for 1-year-olds.

  • 2. Melissa & Doug Classic Bead Maze, $24 (normally $30), Amazon

This first bead maze challenges the mind and boosts creativity, making it a great gift for inquisitive toddlers!

For more gift ideas, check out our toddler gift guide!

  • 3. Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Set, $11 (normally $15), Amazon

Promote problem-solving skills with this set of 18 wooden blocks. Fit the objects in the right slots to learn colors and shapes in no time!

  • 4. "It's a Busload of Pigeon Books!" by Mo Willems, $17 (normally $25), Amazon

Give the gift of reading this holiday! This set comes with three picture books from New York Times best-selling author Mo Willems.

  • 5. Teach My Toddler Learning Kit, $25 (normally $50), Amazon

This kit, geared toward toddlers, has it all: posters, flash cards, books and puzzles!

Educational toys for younger kids (3-8-years-old)

  • 1. Learning Resources Pretend & Play Doctor Kit, $30 (normally $40), Amazon

The doctor is in! Kids will have fun giving wellness checks to Mom and Dad. You can also add a doctor costume dress-up set to complete the look.

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  • 2. Learning Resources Alphabet Island Game, $20, Amazon

Learning letters is fun with this game! Your preschooler will develop vocabulary skills in a snap while hunting for alphabet treasures.

  • 3. Think Fun Robot Turtles Board Game, $19 (normally $25), Amazon

Younger kids can also learn programming fundamentals. This card game lets kids ages 4 and up write programs and learn the basics of coding.

This toy may remind you of that Operation game you played as a kid. Unzip this adorable character and discover all sorts of organs. The included booklet helps kids learn to identify each one.

  • 5. Thames & Kosmos Experimental First Botany Kit, $30, Amazon

Does your child have a green thumb? Grow flowers, beans and cress in these mini greenhouses and conduct experiments along the way!

  • 6. furReal Proto Max Interactive Pet, $23, Amazon

Featured as one of Amazon's top gifts in 2017, this tech toy helps kids learn to create and code their own futuristic pups. For more tech toy ideas, check out this gift guide of the hottest toys on the market right now.

  • 7. Elmer’s Glue Deluxe Slime Starter Kit, $12, Amazon

If your family hasn't tried making slime yet, this kit is a must-have! Elmer's starter pack has everything you need to make gooey slime. Learn to follow directions and experiment, too!

  • 8. Melissa & Doug Smarty Pants Card Set, $12, Amazon

Great for road trips, this educational card set will keep first-graders thinking! Other card sets for older kids are also available.

  • 9. Osmo Genius Kit for iPad, $80 (normally $100), Amazon

Introduce children to the world of logic, problem-solving and technology! This kit is designed for iPad users.

Educational toys for older kids (8+)

  • 1. Alex Toys Super Sleuth Kit, $20 (normally $30), Amazon

Detectives-to-be will love this kit! Create IDs, take fingerprints and learn codes (spy glasses included).

  • 2. ThinkFun Gravity Maze Game, $29, Amazon

This maze for kids ages 8 and up uses marbles and puzzles to challenge the mind.

  • 3. Kid Made Modern Arts And Crafts Library Set, $40, Amazon

Here's a gift for kids who love to have all the supplies they need for crafts projects. There are more than 1,000 crafty items inside, including sequins, fuzzy sticks, pompoms, googly eyes, glue and plenty more!

  • 4. K'NEX 70 Model Building Set, $30 (normally $40), Amazon

Your little engineer will love to snap-fit all sorts of rods, connectors and pieces together. This kit has more than 700 pieces inside.

  • 5. Thames & Kosmos Kids First Chemistry Kit, $45, Nordstrom

Introduce young minds to the world of chemistry! This set comes with 25 experiments.

  • 6. SmartLab Lip Balm Boutique, $20, Amazon

Kids can learn how to create their own lip balm with a little science lesson along the way. Not into lip balm? There's also a Bath Bomb Lab kit.

  • 7. Thames & Kosmos Candy Chemistry Kit, $22, Amazon

Little chemists and bakers will love to experiment and create rock candy, chocolate, gummy bears and more!

  • 8. National Geographic Break Open Geodes, $25, Amazon

Geologists-in-training will enjoy breaking open these rocks to find beautiful crystals inside! They may also like the Eduscience Lab Gold Dig Science Kit.

  • 9. Chess Armory Game Board, $27, Amazon

Older kids will love to test their brain power with a chess kit. It helps boost cognitive and math skills, too.

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