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By Carey Reilly

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Toddlers can be tough to buy for because you never know what will delight their senses. That’s why TODAY Parents and TODAY Shopping compiled a list of some of the coolest toys to engage and keep your child’s attention.

From a toddler yoga mat to a retro Cabbage Patch Kid and a rescue puppy who needs a fur-ever home, we have a little something for every little wee one on your list.

When we release our 2019 gift guides, we make sure all prices are current. But, prices change frequently (yay, deals!), so there’s a chance the prices are now different than they were the day of publication.

The best gifts for toddlers

  • 1. Learning Resources Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog, $15, Amazon

This little guy is the perfect hedgehog to help your little one learn their colors, how to sort and count!

  • 2. Teach My Yoga Mat Set, $12 (usually $18), Walmart

Let your little one exhale and “Namaste” with their very first yoga mat. The mat aids a child in learning body awareness, concentration and yoga poses.

  • 3. Learning Resources 1-2-3 Build It, $19 (usually $20), Amazon

Use the pieces to build a rocket, train or helicopter. This is a great toy to promote problem solving, fine motor skills and sequential thought.

  • 4. Learning Resources Tock The Learning Clock, $23, Amazon

Telling time is fun with "Tock," who will teach your child how to read a clock and also show them when it's time to get out of bed in the morning.

The possibilities for imaginative play are endless with this award-winning, brightly colored toy. Bring it to the pool, to the sledding hill, rock in it, spin or relax. Bilibo was designed by child development experts to encourage creativity, basic motor skills and balance.

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  • 6. Vintage Cabbage Patch Kids Doll, $50, Amazon

Who could forget their first Cabbage Patch doll? Cabbage Patch is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year with this retro cutie who has the original yarn hair, soft body and plastic head. Each doll comes with a name, birth date, birth certificate and adoption papers from BabyLand General.

  • 7. Brio Smart Engine Wooden Train Set, $75 (usually $90), Amazon

This new take on a wooden train set comes complete with smart technology that allows the train to communicate with the tunnels and bridge. Kids will love to hear the train honk, watch it blink its lights and reverse up the track.

  • 8. Educational Insights Bright Basics Bath Blocks, $20, Amazon

Bath time just got easier with these foam pieces that stick to the tub or form into a floating castle.

  • 9. HABA Unicorn Rainbow Beauty, $40, Amazon

Snuggle up to this soft, plush unicorn. The embroidered eyes and chenille rainbow mane make this a safe toy for the little ones.

  • 10. Teddy Ruxpin Hug N Sing Bear, $9, Amazon

Teddy Ruxpin is the perfect nighttime buddy. He can sing your little one to sleep and comes with three songs including "So Close Your Eyes."

  • 11. KD Kids Rescue Runts, $14 (usually $20), Amazon

Every furry pet deserves a home! These little pups need you to dry their tears, brush their fur and remove their bandages — then give them a new place to call home.

We also love Scruff-a-luvs, another toy looking to teach kids about rescue animals.

  • 12. Cabbage Patch Kids Adoptimals, $15 (usually $20), Amazon

Sharing an ice cream cone has never been so sweet! Place the ice cream cone up to the kitties tongue and watch them lick.

  • 13. Dream Pets Plush Murphy Mouse, $18, Amazon

Murphy the mouse is fast asleep dreaming about hosting his very own cheese party! He's part of a collection of soft plush Dream Pets that each come with their own dream listed on their character cards. They're also a recipient of the 2018 Family Choice Award.

Suction cup hands, heads, feet and gangly stretchy arms allow this toy to attach to almost any kind of surface. This stretchy family of four is the perfect toy to have on hand, especially when doing errands.

  • 15. Art N Craft Jumbo Glow-in-the-Dark Magnatab, $27, Amazon

Encourage little ones to draw shapes by pushing the beads in with their fingers or stylus. The activity tablet also glows in the dark.

  • 16. HABA Construction Site Play Track, $50, Amazon

Let your toddler assemble their very own construction play world. It comes complete with a dump truck, ball and perfectly interlocking tracks.

  • 17. Educational Insights Busy Barn, $9 (usually $25), Amazon

Curiosity is rewarded with this hands-on activity barn as your little one learns the simple lesson of cause and effect while strengthening their fine motor skills.

  • 18. HABA Wooden Tool Box, $28, Amazon

This portable tool bench is the perfect toy to keep your little one busy anywhere. It encourages hand-eye coordination, motor skills and creativity.

  • 19. Pass The Pup Game, $18, Target

Here's a super fun fast-paced game for two or more players. Squeeze the puppy's paw then pass the puppy around until the music stops. The player holding the puppy then has to start howling, fetching and acting like a puppy themselves!

  • 20. Ravensburger Five Little Fish Board Game, $15, Amazon

Get hooked on this fun new take on the classic game of memory. Try to remember where the fish are swimming and catch more than your opponents. This game is for up to five players.

  • 21. "Our Great Big Backyard" by Laura Bush and Jenna Bush Hager, $8, NBC Store

Give your toddler a new bedtime story with the adventures of Jane and her brother, beautifully illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers.

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