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Kathie Lee Gifford posts pics of her meeting her newest grandbaby: 'Bubbe already loves you so much'

The former TODAY co-host now has three adorable grandchildren after her son and his wife welcomed their second child.
/ Source: TODAY

Kathie Lee Gifford is in her “Bubbe” era.

The former TODAY co-host has been loving her life as a grandmother — or "Bubbe," as she has dubbed herself. Kathie Lee now has three grandbabies after her son, Cody Gifford, and his wife, Erika Gifford, recently welcomed their second child together.

In her latest Instagram post, shared on Dec. 1, Kathie Lee is seen meeting the newest addition to the Gifford family, little Ford Matthew Gifford.

"Welcome to the family Ford Matthew Gifford. Thank you God for this beautiful blessing. Bubbe already loves you so much Ford," she captioned the post.

Kathie Lee with baby Ford at the hospital.
Kathie Lee with baby Ford at the hospital.@kathielgifford via Instagram

Kathie Lee's post also includes a solo snap of the newborn swaddled in his blanket and fast asleep in a hospital bassinet.

There is also a photo of Cody kissing Ford on the head, while Erika holds him in her arms. The couple are also parents to 1-year-old son Frankie Gifford.

Kathie Lee's post comes a day after she shared the sweetest video of Frankie meeting his little brother and giving him a kiss.

"Do you want to see an expression of pure joy? Frankie meets his brand new baby brother Ford for the very first time and it’s love at first kiss," the proud "Bubbe" captioned the video.

Cody and Erika welcomed Frankie — who is named after Kathie Lee's late husband, Frank Gifford — on May 31, 2022. Kathie Lee became a grandmother of two after her daughter, Cassidy Gifford, gave birth to her first child with husband Ben Wierda, Finn Thomas Wierda, on June 24, 2023.

Cody and Erika announced baby Ford's arrival on Nov. 29, introducing him to the world with a series of photos.

In August of last year, Kathie Lee told TODAY Parents that being a grandmother “is a gift.”

“I knew I was going to love Frank instantly because I love babies,” she explained. “But this is my son’s child — my husband’s son’s son — it’s all such a beautiful tapestry of life and creation.”

She also recalled when she gave birth to Cassidy and how much her son loved his little sister.

“I remember when I was in the hospital (after giving birth to Cassidy) and Cody kept kissing her head,” she shared. “He said, ‘Mom, why do I love her little head so much?’ I said, ‘Because it’s precious. Go ahead and kiss it, just be gentle, honey.’”

She added, “All of a sudden, Cody is doing this to his own son’s head and getting lost in the smell of it. ... I just got caught up in the beauty of it.”