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Bebe Rexha says seeing search bar with her name and the word ‘weight’ is ‘so upsetting’

“I’ve always struggled with my weight,” Rexha wrote.
/ Source: TODAY

Bebe Rexha is once again opening up about her weight on social media.

The “Me, Myself & I” singer, 33, took to Twitter on April 16 to share a screenshot of a TikTok video of her with a search bar that read, “Bebe Rexha weight.” The search bar on the social media platform automatically generates based on trending searched content.

“Seeing that search bar is so upsetting,” Rexha wrote on Twitter. “I’m not mad cause it’s true. I did gain weight. But it just sucks. Thank you to all the people who love me no matter what.”

“I’ve always struggled with my weight,” she added. “A b---- likes to eat.”

Fans came rushing to support the Grammy-nominated artist and encouraged her to tune out the trolls.

“This is honestly so heartbreaking. because people judge people on their looks in 2023 still. You’re a masterpiece bebe! You’ve helped me so much in different categories. Thank u for existing. I love u,” one user wrote. 

“As long as YOU are happy then it doesn’t matter!!!! Don’t starve yourself and lose your happiness!!!!!!!” another chimed in.

“I’m working on myself everyday,” Rexha replied. “Just discouraged a bit right now.”

This is not the first time that she has taken to social media to discuss weight. In 2019, Rexha posted an unretouched photo of her in a red bikini to Instagram.

“I probably should of photoshopped my stomach and made it look flat,” she wrote in the caption. “I probably should of photoshopped my legs to make them look thinner. I probably should of made myself look taller and Smoothed my legs. But I didn’t. Society can really f--- with you. Here is what a real woman looks like on Instagram without photoshop.”

Later that year, she clapped back at body-shamers, saying during an interview on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” that “a number doesn’t define you.”

Rexha, whose third studio album, “Bebe,” is set to be released on April 28, has also encouraged fans to embrace their bodies of all sizes. In 2021, she posed in black lingerie for a TikTok video.

“How much do you think I weigh? No one’s business,” Rexha captioned the video. “Cause I’m a bad b---- no matter what my weight. But let’s normalize 165 lbs.”

In an emotional video posted later that year, captioned “honest update,” Rexha said she was struggling to accept herself.

“I think I am the heaviest I have ever been,” she shared in the TikTok. “I weighed myself just now, and I don’t feel comfortable sharing the weight ‘cause I feel embarrassed.”

Rexha went on to explain in her video that it had led to her posting less on social media.

“I haven’t been posting as much because I don’t feel good in my skin, and when I don’t feel good, I don’t want to post,” she said. “That’s really honestly the reason I haven’t been posting in the last year or so as much as I used to.”

Again, fans rallied behind the singer. 

“You are beautiful but it isn’t how we see you, it is how you see yourself,” one wrote. “Remember that beauty comes from within and you have a heart of an angel.”