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Bebe Rexha shares ‘honest update’ with fans about weight gain

The “Me, Myself & I” singer posted an emotional video that reveals she struggles to accept her body.
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Bebe Rexha performs onstage in Los Angeles on Nov. 04, 2021.Ryan Emberley / Getty Images for amfAR

Bebe Rexha has long been a vocal critic of body-shaming and has championed normalizing all body types and simply embracing the bodies we have.

But in an emotional video she shared with her fans and followers on TikTok Monday, captioned “honest update,” the singer-songwriter admitted that despite those strong stances, she’s currently struggling to accept herself.

“I think I am the heaviest I have ever been,” Rexha said in the clip. “I weighed myself just now, and I don’t feel comfortable sharing the weight ‘cause I feel embarrassed.”

The “Me, Myself & I” singer fought back tears as she added, “I just feel disgusting, you know, like in my own body.”

It was a moment of vulnerability and a starkly different message than the one she shared just six months ago, when she modeled lingerie in another TikTok video and proudly revealed that she weighed 165 pounds.

But in her new post, she explained that she’s been quieter on social media lately because of her inner struggle.

“I haven’t been posting as much because I don’t feel good in my skin, and when I don’t feel good, I don’t want to post,” she said. “That’s really honestly the reason I haven’t been posting in the last year or so as much as I used to.”

Looking back on her earlier messages of “body positivity,” the 32-year-old said that it likely stemmed from “a place of hurt and confusion,” adding, “I don’t know how to help myself anymore or how to love myself.”

“I haven’t been posting as much because I don’t feel good in my skin, and when I don’t feel good, I don’t want to post."

Bebe rexha said

Inspiration for that could found close by — in the comments from her empathetic and eager supporters.

“Your worth is more than any number can define!” wrote one fan. “You got this.”

Another told her, “💔 my heart breaks for you hearing you talk about this. Here for you and so many women are! You are beautiful and incredible. We hear you! ❤️❤️❤️”

One wrote, “It’s really ok!! We all feel this way right now. Give yourself a break. You are real and beautiful and loved.”

And yet another told Rexha, “You are beautiful but it isn’t how we see you, it is how you see yourself. Remember that beauty comes from within and you have a heart of an angel.”

But if Rexha finds she needs more encouragement than that, she can turn back to her own words from a March post she shared on Instagram.

"As much as I tried to be that skinny pop-star, like the ones I grew up watching or see now, I can’t seem to do it in a way that feels natural or healthy," she wrote. "I like to eat. I workout. I drink water. I do my best. I follow the rhythm of my body. Even though it gets hard sometimes I show my body love. #EveryBodyIsBeautiful"