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Bebe Rexha responds to body-shamers: 'A number doesn't define you'

The singer has no interest in trying to live up to anyone else's expectation of what she should look like.
/ Source: TODAY

Size matters? Try telling that to Bebe Rexha.

The singer, who is an outspoken supporter of body positivity, appeared with Keegan-Michael Key on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" on Tuesday and talked about the dilemma women have when it comes to their bodies. She opened up specifically about what she’s had to endure when it comes time to try on designer outfits.

"Nothing fits in fittings,” she said. “You ever go to fittings and they bring all these designer things that they make in, like, size zero. And it's like, I can't even get on one leg. And they're like, 'It fits!' I'm like, 'It doesn't fit.' And then I put it on and then I rip it and then you gotta buy it."

"It's not that anybody's against skinny people, it's just that we're for all people,” Clarkson added.

The conversation began when Clarkson brought up a tweet Rexha posted in January, where she expressed her dismay when it came to getting dressed for the annual Grammy Awards.

"I'm sorry, I had to get this off my chest. If you don't like my fashion style or my music that's one thing. But don't say you can't dress someone that isn't a runway size," she wrote. "We are beautiful any size! Small or large! Anddddd My size 8 ass is still going to the GRAMMYs."

The "Meant to Be" hitmaker, 30, told Clarkson that she wants to let fans at her concerts know they shouldn't worry about their appearances, no matter how they look.

The Kelly Clarkson Show - Season 1
Clarkson and Rexha talked about the importance of body acceptance.NBC

"The shows are always, like, young girls, young guys, or, mothers and daughters and I say every night in my show, 'I don't care what anybody has told you, a number doesn't define you,'" Rexha said. "And I think it's really important for my fans to know that I'm not trying to be that. I don't care."

Key backed up her opinion too, saying men don't have to deal with body shaming. "We typically don't. It's a real double standard. We don't get it," he said. "All of the value that should be put in somebody should just simply be put in what they do and the essence of who they are."