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What did Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth eat for dinner at Buckingham Palace?

The queen decided to skip the Big Macs and McNuggets.
/ Source: TODAY

There was no Royale with cheese on the menu when Queen Elizabeth II hosted President Trump for a lavish state dinner at Buckingham Palace.

Unlike the McDonald's and Chick-Fil-A served at dinners for championship sports teams at the White House this year, the queen skipped the four-piece McNuggets in favor of a traditional four-course meal while hosting Trump and his family on Monday night.

The meal for the 170 guests in attendance at the white tie affair, including Melania Trump, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, consisted of fish, meat, pudding and dessert.

Image: U.S. President Trump's State Visit To UK - Day One
Queen Elizabeth II skipped the McDonald's in welcoming President Trump in a lavish dinner at Buckingham Palace. Dominic Lipinski / Getty Images

The fish was a steamed fillet of halibut with watercress mousse, asparagus spears and chervil sauce, followed by the meat course of Windsor lamb with herb stuffing, spring vegetables and a port sauce.

A decadent strawberry sable with lemon verbena cream doubled as the pudding and dessert, made with French sable biscuits stacked with cream and fresh fruit. There also was coffee and petit fours to polish off the meal.

It wasn't an apple pie and soft-serve ice cream from Trump's favorite, McDonald's, but it does sound delicious.

Queen Elizabeth didn't skimp on the drinks, either. There was no fountain soda in sight.

Among the wines being served was Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1990, which goes for the symbolically American price of about $1,776 a bottle, according to the UK's Express. It was one of seven different wines offered at the dinner.

The 80-minute affair requires a team of three people working a total of eight weeks just between unpacking all of the plates and cutlery and then washing, polishing and putting it away, according to The Mirror.

Seems like it would be a lot easier to just hit the drive-thru. Just saying.