TODAY   |  February 28, 2014

Robin Thicke: I want to get my wife back

USA Today’s Andrea Mandell joins TODAY to chat about the latest celebrity news, including singer Robin Thicke vowing to get back his wife, Paula Patton, after they announced their split.

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>>> a pop star tries to save his marriage, a grammy winner collaborates with an expectant mom and a monster gets ready to invade the box office .

>> here with your ticket to hollywood, andrea. good morning, good to see you.

>> good morning. thank you for having me here.

>> before we get to what's going on in hollywood. first, we made our oscar predictions through a partnership with " usa today " in a series called "take your pick." and asked which one you thought was going to get them right. votes are in, no envelope, but the winner is -- mr. roker! 31% of the vote. it's close, though, al. i followed at 30% and willie was 17%. edged out by " usa today ." enough about us, let's get to the headlines and start off with star power . and the first lady joining the cast of "parks and rec" for a cameo appearance .

>> no stranger to politico appearances. the vice president's been on, john mccain 's been on, but the first lady is going to appear on the season finale in april. it's a big moment and comes on the heels of a really great year for amy poehler so far.

>> yeah.

>> the golden globes --

>> yeah.

>> took home one. she's writing a book right now, got a romantic comedy coming out this summer. she's on a roll.

>> certainly is.

>> when do we look for her?

>> end of april.

>> and news that broke last night, ashton kutcher and mila kunis , are they engaged?

>> yesterday, she was photographed with a ring on the telling finger and it was quite a rock. i don't know, but looks like it.

>> no tweets or insta grams from either of them confirming?

>> no, and their reps aren't comments yet either. i think eventually they will. it seems very new and we're happy for them.

>> love isn't official until your rep comments.

>> and until it's tweeted out.

>> everyone has their ring on instagram.

>> it was quite the blinding diamond. i think it's real.

>> you think it's real?

>> yeah.

>> and on the other end of the spectrum, we've been hearing that robin thicke and paula patton have been calling it quits, but tmz reportedly has exclusive video of robin.

>> they caught up with him at the airport yesterday in dulles. he canceled three shows this week after the news. and they asked him about it, and he said, you know --

>> we've got it on tape. let's take a listen.

>> how you doing, robin? hey, robin, are you --

>> just trying to get --

>> good to see you working.

>> trying to get her back.

>> trying to get her back.

>> and again at a performance last night in virginia, he reiterated that statement and said i'm going to get my girl back to the audience.

>> ww. we can hope.

>> yeah.

>> now what about jada pinkett smith . we've been talking about body image all week. and she's got something she's saying about her body.

>> she said that she gained ten pounds and she's happy with it, proud of her curves. i still think she looks --

>> it's not --

>> we would all like to look like this. but, you know, it's nice to see someone embracing their curves and their body and just being happy with what they have.

>> she said she gained ten pounds? in a leather cat suit .

>> i know. she looks fantastic. and look how tall willow is, by the way, she's taller than her mother by far.

>> so katy perry gave us a tweet of the week. she's not a baby mama , but she did help some baby and their mom.

>> and she's had quite a week. started off by planting a kiss on miley cyrus . little bit of breakup rumors with john mayer . but she tweeted she helped deliver a baby in a living room. and we're not sure whose baby it is. might be her sister's baby. i don't know. but that's a cool way to come into this world.

>> katy perry delivered me.

>> she could put midwife on her resu resume.

>> one of the classic sci-fi movies, godzilla, a sneak peek, let's check out the trailer.

>> wait. couldn't see it!

>> a little bit.

>> better than the last one.

>> exactly.

>> the last one got canned, but this was intense.

>> the last one won some razzies, this one, brian cranston in it who i would watch almost anything in. and he adds some gravitas to it. and it's a summer blockbuster, the first big thing after "breaking bad."

>> and we believe he wouldn't take a bad script. it's got to be good.

>> i think so.

>> andrea mandel, thank you so