TODAY   |  January 17, 2014

6 tips for building a great online dating profile

Relationship expert Siggy Flicker explains that when creating your online dating profile, you should display a photo that shows off your eyes, never lie about your age and most importantly, be honest.

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>>> we're back on this try day friday with more of "today." whether you're been looking for love online or got up the courage to, we have picture perfect tips for you.

>> we don't, but relationship expert sydney flicker does. from picking the right profile photo to what personal information to reveal, and when, she has all the tricks.

>> hello. welcome back.

>> we're going to start with the profile photo. you say it is so important to pick the right picture and we should point out that one of the -- this girl, who we're looking at in these profile and these photos is a girl named katie , works here at nbc and she's really single. so what is she doing right or wrong?

>> first of all, online, your profile , your picture is the door, is a door. you want a lot of people to knock on the door and come in and open up and say who is in there as opposed to walking by. it is imperative you have a good profile picture. look at the first one who is katie ?

>> you don't know. i'm still wondering. the little one in the --

>> exactly. would that be a good profile picture? that you have to -- who wants to see this? this is what people come to me, who wants to see the -- i don't even know -- i can't see you. you want to be accessible. that would not be a good one.

>> how about the eiffel tower .

>> i like the eiffel tower . she's smiley. i can't see a lot of her but i'm not crazy about it, but out of all of these, that would be my favorite. here i don't know who katie is. even though both are beautiful and blonde and i don't know who katie is here too.

>> poor katie , she's listening, she's standing there but is on the other side of the camera.

>> heck of a fun girl.

>> show us a mock profile you set up for her.

>> okay.

>> here it is, yeah.

>> there it is. look at that picture. she is smiling. her name is katie .

>> new york city . okay. 29 years old. now, if you -- you should never lie about your age. women, stop lying. be proud of your age. it is just a number. at the end of the day , whoever you're dating will find your driver's license and you'll be a liar.

>> it is interesting you leave in never been married.

>> i love that.

>> i do too. but single. why?

>> why not? she's never been married. she's proud of the fact. when you're divorced, a divorced person might be looking at your profile and say she's divorced and i'm divorced, we have a lot in common. this is a profile for somebody to say something about her sounds interesting. i want to contact her. she kept it simple. she said what she does for leifing, what she likes to do when she's not working, what hobbies and interests she has and what type of man she's looking for. here is a no-no.

>> what?

>> age range. why would a 29-year-old girl want to date a 27-year-old guy?

>> why not?

>> we're not going to talk about the number. i do not allow any of my clients to do that. men are not as mature as women. it is a maturity level. a 29-year-old woman should be looking up. her dating range should be at least five years older. date 32 to 38. you're 29.

>> put nothing there?

>> up to 35.

>> i don't want anybody contacting her that's 27 years old.

>> there is 2% that they're mature.

>> rest of them aren't?

>> she says college graduate , but doesn't say what college. why would you do that?

>> you want to play it safe. you don't want to offer too much information. tmi is not good. where you live, when you got your menstrual cycle, what college you went to. but there is a lot of stalkers out there. so you want to leave it very, like, hi, i'm available, i'm single, i would like to date you, but you want to just -- better to play it safe than be sorry.

>> she works at nbc . should she say, hey, i work at nbc and go on about her job?

>> nbc news.

>> like more?

>> i would show off. i want everybody to remember one thing. this is a profile . online dating cannot determine chemistry. if i was -- when i was single and looking on this, i would have not married that man over there if i would have just read his profile because he has no hair on top of his head and he --

>> but he's cute.

>> not only handsome, but when i met him, chemistry is chemistry. something about him, his mannerism, the way he talks to you, the way he carries himself. eight years later --

>> lou manfredini.

>> yes, a real man.

>> thank you.

>> you're so much fun.

>> you are fun. give harvey weinstein our love, all right?

>> you can find ziggy's online top ten no-nos on our