TODAY   |  January 02, 2014

Joy Bauer gives dieting tips in 60 seconds

Dietician and TODAY contributor Joy Bauer begins a new series, “60 -Second Skinny,” in which she provides some effective dieting tips in a slim 60 seconds.

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>> 60 second skinny. you give us one minute. we will give you the secret for losing weight and keeping it off. joyce bowers, registered diettician and nutritionist. who better to give us the tips?

>> hey, good morning. happy new year.

>> a lot of people say this is it. i stick to my diet resolution. how many people made that happen?

>> surprisingly, a good percentage. i don't think people realize that. therer three keys to success. the first is having a positive attitude. then setting smart reasonable goals and lastly forgiving yourself when you slip up. shake it off and start fresh the next morning. the quebecer that you regain control, the less damage you are going to do.

>> so don't give up after one day?

>> no.

>> we mentioned little things . you have to have managable goals. that's a part of ma we will be doing with this new series.

>> it's called 60 second skinny. literally. i have one minute flat. this is intense, to deliver as many clever strategies as i can to help people lose weight and gain control. today is all about cutting back on carbs. the bread the pasta, the potatoes, the things we love to overeat. ly show you how to do it so you don't feel deprived and it gets the job done.

>> i will stop the clock, ready. 3, 2, stop the clock.

>> stop overpouring the cereal. you will measure out a serving. dump it in the bowl. take a sharpee. put a line on the front and the back. bagels. you will scoop out the inner dough, discard it. eat your bagels opened face for double the bite. at lunch, miss the bread completely. put juicy burgers between two port bello buns, let it toast. at dinner, build your pizza on a no carb thin pounded chicken cutlet and get rid of starchy calories with pasta, make low carb , low calorie spaghetti squash. you get your fix. if you do this every single day you pull back, at the end of the month, erica, you will save your body the equivalent of 225 slices of bread.

>> this is one month.

>> and lose more than 5 pounds.

>> by the way, you still have three seconds to spare.

>> whoa!

>> there we go.