TODAY   |  December 05, 2013

Did Rob Ford try to buy alleged drug tape?

Newly released court documents describe police wiretaps that document Toronto Mayor Rob Ford allegedly trying to buy a video from gang members that showed him smoking crack cocaine. NBC’s Tamron Hall reports.

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>>> is back in the spotlight. new court documents allege he may have tried to buy a video that supposedly shows him smoking crack cocaine two months before news of the video first broke.

>> reporter: new allegations this morning against embattled mayor rob ford . court documents just released describe police wiretaps on which two gang members are heard of saying an alleged offer of $5,000 and a car in exchange for a now infamous video that allegedly shows the mayor smoking crack . toronto's police chief says mayor ford isn't currently facing charges and won't comment on the tape.

>> i don't believe it's appropriate for police to comment on the evidence.

>> reporter: the alleged video hasn't been seen publicly or by ford in an interview with matt last month, leave income doubt its existence.

>> show me the video. even according to --

>> does the video matter?

>> i want to see it. i couldn't barely remember it. i was very, very enneeb bri -- inebriatod.

>> reporter: this photo at a buffalo bills game.

>> how am i supposed to know who is who, seriously? ?

>> and this morning the toronto "star" reports a gang peb may have threatenned to blackmail mayor ford after the alleged