TODAY   |  November 03, 2013

45,000 to run NYC Marathon amid added security

It’s one of the biggest and most prestigious marathons anywhere in the world, and security is everywhere as runners begin the long, grueling journey to the finish line. NBC’s Ron Allen reports.

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>>> here in the big apple security is extra tight for today's running of the new york city marathon. this is the first marathon to be run here, of course, since what happened in boston earlier this year. ron allen is near the start in staten island . good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, erica. remember the marathon in new york was canceled last year because so many people in the region were still recovering from hurricane sandy. 45,000 runners are here. you can see them gathering, about to take their positions at the starting line . 26.2 miles lie ahead of them. there's security everywhere along that long, gruelling journey to the finish line .

>> these guys are running just under five minute per mile pace.

>> reporter: it's one of the biggest and most prestigious marathons in the world.

>> after boston it was my honor and privilege to be able to run something like this again.

>> reporter: they loaded up on last-minute energy. no one seemed to have second thoughts about being here. a huge challenge for law enforcement . tens of thousands of competitors. more than 26 miles of territory. millions lining the route as it winds its way through each of new york 's five congested boroughs to the finish line in central park .

>> nypd began examining and enhancing its coverage of the race starting the day after the boston marathon .

>> reporter: because of that april day when two bombs killed three and wounded hundreds, new york police say they will have thousands of additional officers on duty. the command center has video screens monitoring as much of the race course as possible. teams of dogs like lucas and clifford, able to sniff out explosives have been training for months. the nypd has added this. it's called wolverine. a robot built to deal with bombs. police will have much tougher security near the finish. this year police suggest holding those joyous reunions away from the course.

>> hopefully it's a very up lifting day for all of new york city . i think we'll see a lot of smiles at the end of tomorrow.

>> reporter: indeed it should be. there are also restrictions on what the runners can carry and what they can wear. you see all of them are carrying things in these clear plastic bags. it's not a day to carry a backpack like the boston bombers used anywhere near the race course . it's a very beautiful day for a race, clear and crisp. temperatures in the 50s. certainly a lot of inspiration in the air as well. erica?

>> that there is. ron allen , thank you.