TODAY   |  October 15, 2013

Authorities: LAX dry ice bombs not terrorism

After the discovery of three more dry ice bombs at Los Angeles airport that temporarily shut down some security checkpoints, investigators are saying there have been no injuries and they don’t believe the bombs have any ties to terrorism. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

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>> the second straight night, emergency crews at l.a.x. are dealing with homemade dry ice bombs . tom could sstello is on the story for us. what can you tell us?

>> they found dry ice bombs inside a plastic bottle like this one. it had gone off underneath a plane sitting at 148. two other devices also found in a restroom but did not explode. this time there were no evacuations, no injuries and airport operations were not effected. this follows sunday evening when dry ice exploded inside a restroom that only employees have access to. that was in terminal two. no injuries and no significant damage although it temporarily shutdown a tsa checkpoint and delayed flights. they're now investigatiing incidents.

>> have they said anything about whether this could be related to international terrorism ?

>> our sources don't believe that at all. after sunday night's event they thought it was a prank. keep in mind, making a dry ice bomb in a plastic bottle has been a junior high school gag for decades. it's simple. you put dry ice in a bottle. you put in water and close it. the carbon dioxide warms inside the bottle and explodes. it can happen quickly if you're not careful or if you're too close you can get hurt. why anyone would do this a second night after the police and fire response on sunday has police wondering what the motive might be in this case.

>> and at an airport. thank