TODAY   |  August 21, 2013

Smile! New crowd-scanning system IDs your face

In the name of the national security, the Biometric Optical Surveillance System that will scan crowds and identify people by their facial features. Privacy advocates are leery of the new system and are requesting more information.

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>>> the u.s. government is making steady progress on a new surveillance system that could identify us by our faces. the technology would use video cameras like the ones you see there. it could scan crowds and could be used to search for terror suspects at a high profile event. cheats at a casino. you would scan the crowd as we did earlier near 30 rock and you could zoom in and see if you recognize them. if you take a look -- oh, there's someone.

>> there's trouble right there.

>> that guy cheats at the casino every time.

>> i was going out for croissants.

>> i feel like i've seen him somewhere. i know that suit anywhere.

>> the roker supremecy.

>> privacy advocates are leerily about it. they want clear rules and limits.

>> it reminds you of minority report where the eyes are picked up by the cameras.

>> but if you're not on a list you're okay.