TODAY   |  June 26, 2013

Steve Carell: ‘Despicable Me 2’ is ‘piece of art’

The actor talks about reprising his role as the super villain turned nice guy Gru in “Despicable Me 2,” calling it “a perfect extension” of the first film and saying he can relate to Gru as the father of a tween girl.

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>>> back at 8:21. get ready for more minion mania. "despicable me 2" hits theaters. steve carrell is back and three orphan girls adopt him and now they are growing up. something gru isn't comfortable with.

>> who are you texting?

>> no one. just my friend avery.

>> avery. is that a girl's name or a boy's name.

>> does it matter.

>> no, it doesn't matter unless it's a boy.

>> i know what makes you a boy.

>> oh, you do?

>> your bald head.

>> oh, yes.

>> it's really smooth. sometimes i stair at it and imagine a little chick popping out.

>> good night agnus.

>>> steve carrell , good morning, it's good to see you.

>> good to see you and congratulations on getting the hard hitting interview of the day.

>> exactly. this is the one that will fuel the buzz on twitter.

>> are you ready?

>> i'm ready.

>> listen, gru, used to be a super villain . he changed in this movie. now he makes jam and jelly.

>> terribly tasting.

>> is there any less despicable occupation for him?

>> no, he has a lot on his plate right now.

>> so this is a sequel. this is one of those where it was a no brainer? i'm going to do the sequel or do they have to wine and dine you.

>> it was a complete money grab on everyone's part. no, actually the thing i liked about this is it was the opposite of that. it's a perfect extension of the first one. it continues the story. they really put a lot of effort -- i'll go in and do all the -- do a voice for a couple of years and you go see it and it's this beautiful piece of art that you have just a little tiny part of.

>> do you see yourself in gru?

>> i hope not too much.

>> typically --

>> why do you even ask? you're just opening a weird door there.

>> well, the reason i bring it up is the hollywood reporter called you animated.

>> steve carrell is a cartoon.

>> that's very kind. i do relate to the fact that gru has a teen daughter who is just becoming interested in boys and i have a daughter who is just turned 12. so she's not quite there but there's that, you know, that anticipation of what kind -- am i going to be an overprotective dad.

>> will you permit her to have an interest in boys?

>> well, you know, i'm just -- i will roll with it. i think i'll be a good. i hope i'm sort of a cool dad when it comes to that.

>> can i change topics? i heard you have a general store in massachusetts.

>> yeah.

>> what does it sell?

>> muffins and general store stuff.

>> do you work behind the cash registers?

>> i'm late. yeah i go in -- when i'm in town i go in every morning. it's great. it's a gathering spot for the neighborhood. it's about -- i think it's over 150 years old. it's an old time -- half of it is a postoffice and the other half is a general store .

>> we know you to be multitalented and animated. we saw you in the office finale. people kept asking him if you were going to be in the finale. he said we flat out lied. it was so thrilling. did you enjoy it as much as he did.

>> i can't say i enjoyed lying but we all did. we all lied a lot. i felt most sadly for greg daniels who is the sweetest man in the world. he was lying to the network. nbc didn't really know either until like the day before. we kept it under wraps.

>> we can't wait to see you. anchor man is coming up. come back soon.

>> i will. "despicable me 2" from universal pictures opens up on july 3rd . coming up,