TODAY   |  June 18, 2013

Pentagon to open roles for women in combat

The Pentagon is actively mapping how, when and where servicewomen eventually will be assigned to far more dangerous duties — including, perhaps, special forces operations, senior U.S. defense officials tell NBC News. Jim Miklaszewski reports.

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>> announce how it plans to open up roles for women in combat . so mick how is is this going to change the role for women in the military .

>> natalie, for women in the military , this is major. we're not going to see women assigned to the front lines as trigger pullers any time soon but this is a giant first step toward lifting the ban on women in combat . today all the services will unveil their plans to open thousands of combat related jobs for women over the years. that cold include training for navy s.e.a.l.s or army rangers but that is a long shot. there will be no special treatment. physical standards will not be lowered for women. this dramatic shift in policy is a recognition in over the past four years in wars in iraq and afghanistan women have been zraun into live fire. 150 u.s. servicewomen have been killed in combat in the two wars.