TODAY   |  June 06, 2013

Scottos cook up traditional Calabrian feast

The Scotto family, who can trace their roots to Calabria, a region located at the toe of the Italian peninsula, whip up a meal from the old country, including Calabrian chicken and sausage with roasted peppers and mushrooms and chocolate-dipped oranges.

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>>> this morning on today's kitchen melting pot .

>> maryann scotto can trace her roots to a region located on the italian peninsula .

>> and here with cuisine from the old country, fresco by scotto.

>> we've got 2 1/2 minutes.

>> all this food are recipes from clalabria.

>> and we can read about it on the website.

>> oh, al, you're rushing me.

>> i am.

>> we're making it.

>> garlic, red pepper flakes.

>> yes, saute it, fresh tomatoes from the farm.

>> which is a great time right now. lots of fresh stuff.

>> and, of course, we put a little salt, little pepper.

>> little rub.

>> basil. perfume.

>> right. so you cook it down.

>> homemade pasta.

>> boom.

>> 20 minutes . 20 minutes .

>> now we're making chicken.

>> chicken, pork, right, mom? pork is very big. great, everything from the sea. it's chicken, sausage and vegetables. i've already browned off some of the chicken and sausage you see here. we're going to add that back to the pot. i'm going to add your mushrooms, potatoes, red and yellows, peppers, onions. we put that all together. you're going to reduce that down, add a little stock, add a little butter. always better with butter.

>> always better.

>> and a little bit of balsamic vinegar to give it the flavor.

>> how long will you cook it down?

>> 25, 30 minutes , that's what it's going to look like.

>> about the family, when they came over.

>> oh, really?

>> yeah, we can talk about it, right?

>> well, they opened -- there's the photo.

>> there we go.

>> mom's taking her time back there.

>> come back here.

>> time for dessert. chocolate covered oranges.

>> you know what, oranges are plentiful in calabria. we melt them here. we melt it on boiling water and then you just -- whoops you dip it with a fork. just do that all over again. we just dip it in and then we put it in our pistachio and you let it cool about 20, 30 minutes . and we like to top it off with fresh creme.

>> and these are blood oranges , right?

>> no, these are navel oranges.

>> like i said.

>> big oranges.

>> big oranges.

>> and big orange.

>> careful with your hands there. anthony and elena of fresco by scotto.