TODAY   |  May 16, 2013

Tornadoes rip through Texas, killing at least 6

Several tornadoes touched down in an area west of the Dallas-Fort Worth region of Texas Wednesday night, killing at least six and destroying dozens of homes. NBC’s Charles Hadlock reports.

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>> we're following this breaking news out of texas this morning. daylight is now revealing the full extent of the damage caused by a string of powerful tornadoes.

>> we're told the hardest hit city granbury is 70 miles west of dallas and rescue crews have worked through the night there going home to home searching for more possible victims.

>> obviously the story is still developing. i want to get to charles hadlock. good morning to you.

>> good morning, matt. many residents said they heard the warnings, but never expected a tornado so fast and furious .

>> the houses are no more, they're leveled.

>> a string of tornadoes tore through north texas wednesday night, the hardest hit region, granbury , about 65 miles southwest of dallas and home to 8,000 residents. dozens of homes were destroyed.

>> everything's demolished.

>> reporter: residents scrambled to take cover in their homes.

>> we need a medic unit to respond.

>> it was horrible. the house started shaking. we were in a closet. you could hear it, it sounded like a train.

>> reporter: while others were forced to flee, seeking help at nearby shelters and hospitals.

>> fire department 's advising they're bringing six wounded and walking out.

>> it's definitely a nightmare. within ten or 15 minutes , everything was happening.

>> all six of the people confirmed killed were in the ranchos brazos neighborhood. the homes there mostly built within in the last five years for habitat for humanity . those who lived in the region for years, already know the terrifying strength of twisters here.

>> on a factor from one to ten probably about a ten.

>> reporter: and the tornado that hit granbury last night was one of ten tornadoes to hit texas last night. savannah?