TODAY   |  May 04, 2013

Employees offered money for company logo tattoo

“We call it brand ambassadorship,” said Anthony Lolli, owner and CEO of Rapid Realty, a New York based real estate firm that encourages employees to get a tattoo of the company's logo. In exchange for the tattoo, employees receive a 15 percent commission increase for life. NBC’s Joelle Garguilo reports.

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>>> employees at one company in new york are taking loyalty to a new level.

>> putting a new spin on corporate branding .

>> reporter: they say 80% of success is showing up. well, what about showing up and getting inked up? that's what is going on inside the walls of rapid realty. they are giving new meaning to tit for tat . the owner is offer employees an unconventional incentive. get tattoo of the company logo and receive a 15% lifetime commission increase. i'll put it out there, i think this is crazy.

>> it's nuts. people are interested in showing their loyalty to the company. we call it brand ambassadorship.

>> reporter: they are branding themselves literally. stipulation? there are none. any size and anywhere and the boss flips the bill.

>> it was introduced to me by a top performing agent. i said 15% bonus on any closed deal. from that moment on it just spiraled off.

>> reporter: you know this is forever, right?

>> i know.

>> reporter: it's literally part of me. how long have you been here for?

>> six weeks.

>> reporter: 44 of 1,100 employees have inked a deal. some for the love of the company.

>> at the end of the day i love this organization.

>> i'm doing it for the money.

>> reporter: how much money are we talking?

>> $6,000 every month in business.

>> commission was 25 grand and then after they got the tattoo it was 40 grand.

>> reporter: dyou have tattoo?

>> not yet.

>> reporter: his company has a good retention rate. after this, i would sure hope so.

>> i'm officially branded.

>> okay. you know where this is going? of course we did.

>> if anyone will suck up for the company. i did an nbc tattoo. it's on my stomach. i went to a classy place.

>> i went with the arm. arm.

>> i went with the ankle. right there.

>> perfect.

>> a couple other places i offered to do it but i was told that we wouldn't do that.

>> it's a family show, lester. for your nighttime job maybe.

>> i said my leg but it was too hairy.

>> sure it was. the crew got the tattoos. let us know whether you would do it. this is "today" on nbc.