TODAY   |  February 25, 2013

What if Jennifer Aniston wore hot pink at Oscars?

TODAY Style Editor Bobbie Thomas pulls out her magic wand to show what dresses would look like with a little alteration, like turning Zoe Saldana’s gown all-white.

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>> the red carpet is our today style editor and good pal's bobbie thomas.

>> yes.

>> play that what if game that you love playing.

>> i love doing this because we all see the same thing, but this is something unique that we do here, and so we saw reese witherspoon and catherine zeta. i wanted to know what would happen if they swapped dresses. let's take a look. what do you think?

>> absolutely. you're right. better. better.

>> what i liked about this --

>> monochromatic thing on reese.

>> reese just glows. i will be happy to say that we let our viewers last night who were on-line watching with us, they did say that 71% liked the swap. if you don't agree, can you go on-line while we're doing this today and tell us differently.

>> two beautiful women. you're right.

>> the next one is going to be jennifer aniston . she's in valentino. this is a timeless iconic dress. i know that before you start yelling at me, okay? but this silhouette can handle a bold color, so i wanted to see her do something different. we always see her in a very straight forward dress. let's take a look.

>> the same neckline.

>> i like to see her maybe step out in a bold color.

>> yeah.

>> i kind of like the yellow, and funny enough, viewers didn't agree with me. they -- 52% liked the red. 25% liked the pink, and 22%, the yellow. i can say if you add these two up, i might actually be in the lead.

>> you're winning.

>> okay. next we have carrie washington -- i'm sorry zoe saldano. i really like this dress. it's a little bit of a fashion-forward take for the oscars, but a lot of people were confused with all of the color. i can say she looks beautiful and does not need another inch on her sell wet. she's underweight if you ask me. she looks fantastic. however, a lot of people wanted to see if this was all white.

>> i like that better.

>> what's interesting is more people thought a -- 65% liked the all white, but i want to say if you are at home, look at what happens to the line of her body. stay away from any hems that kind of cut up on you or get too busy.

>> i'm not crazy about the shoes she has on. they look more like sandals than --

>> for me it's a lot going on. you have the embroidery up top and then you have the belt and the black shoe and more gray.

>> we got to go, girl. we love you. we love you.