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Hoda reveals her mom is picking out her wedding dress

Hoda is turning to the woman who has helped pick out the dresses she wears on TODAY for years.
/ Source: TODAY

As she searches for the perfect wedding dress, Hoda Kotb has turned to the woman she has trusted for years to pick the outfits she wears on TODAY.

"Can I tell you who's picking my wedding dress?" Hoda asked E! host Lilliana Vazquez on the new "Pop of the Morning" show Monday.

"Your mom," Vazquez correctly replied.

Hoda's mother, Sami, instinctively knows what dresses will look good on her daughter without even seeing her try them on.

"If I'm wearing a good outfit, she picked it," Hoda said.

Hoda appeared on "Pop of the Morning" with fellow TODAY co-host Jenna Bush Hager as they said hello to an old friend in Vazquez, who was a longtime style correspondent for TODAY.

Image: The TODAY anchors are surprised by their mothers and sister in Studio 1A
Hoda has enlisted the help of her mother, Sami, to find the perfect wedding dress. Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

Jenna excitedly brought up Hoda's upcoming wedding, as she gets ready tie the knot with Joel Schiffman, her boyfriend of six years.

"Isn't it so crazy how your life throws everything at you in different ways?" Hoda said. "I was literally just sitting there the other day … we were downstairs and our girls were upstairs asleep and I thought, 'Man, if anyone has blessings that they wonder like, when are they coming? If anyone does … your time is coming, you just don't know when.'"

Hoda hasn't revealed the date of the wedding yet, but said last month that it will be "sooner rather than later."

Image: Hoda with her mom
Sami has been picking out perfect dresses for Hoda since she was a kid. Hoda Kotb

It's no surprise that she turned to Sami to help pick out the perfect dress for the big day, given that her mother has been her secret style guru for years.

Hoda reflected on Sami's eye for clothing in a 2016 Mother's Day tribute to her for TODAY.

“She’s so good. She’s better than anybody,” she said. “She knows exactly how bodies work.”

Sami will look at a dress in a store, think of how it will look on Hoda and then mail it to her. Hoda will take it to the studio, give it to the wardrobe department and then zip it up right before she goes on air without any worries about how it will look.

"Every time,” Hoda said. “Every single time. Because she knows!"

Sami is also a doting grandmother to Hoda and Joel's daughters, Haley Joy, 2, and baby Hope Catherine.

We can't wait to see what dress she picks out for Hoda!