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Your dry hands will love this cleansing hand lotion

Trade your hand cream for a hand elixir.

We use our hands for everything from texting to putting away groceries. Nowadays, we are all probably washing our hands more frequently than ever, which can leave them feeling dry and cracked. This is where your trusty hand cream comes in.

When it comes to lightweight yet effective hand creams, TODAY senior commerce editor Adrianna Brach and associate commerce editor Megan Foster are obsessed with this affordable cleansing hand elixir. It comes in three scents: Rosewater, Oud and Hemp Flower.

J.R. Watkins Cleansing Hand Elixir

Celebrity esthetician Jeannel Astarita told Shop Today that the product is a good option for people with sensitive skin that are dealing with irritation and dryness.

"J.R. Watkins Hand Elixir contains 40% alcohol and calendula which has natural antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as ingredients like glycoin and cactus to improve hydration and cell repair," she told us.

Though it does contain naturally cleansing ingredients, Astarita notes that the formula does not meet the Centers for Disease Control's alcohol content recommendation for hand hygiene. It's best used as an additional step in combination with proper hand-washing and hand sanitizers.

"It’s unrealistic to think that we can wash every time we touch our phone or keyboard or open the refrigerator when we haven’t even left our home," she said. "This both cleans and hydrates to keep dry skin healthy and resilient."

To use, the brand recommends applying a few drops onto one palm and massaging it evenly on both hands — no rinsing required afterward.

Brach has been a fan from the moment she first purchased the elixir. What really stuck with her was how unique and lightweight the formula is.


"I got the Rosewater and Oud elixirs and instantly became a fan," Brach said. "It's such a unique product and it actually works. This formula has a lightweight gel texture that melts into skin and doesn't leave hands feeling greasy or sticky. Now that I'm working from home, I keep it at my desk and use it to moisturize my dry hands."

You can use it daily or as a spot treatment, and its handy on-the-go design makes it perfect for storing in your purse or car. Foster finds it's best to use after washing your hands when you need fast hydration.

"I find it helpful to have in my bag when I need a refresh between hand-washing,” Foster said.

Brach and Foster also noted how the scent isn't overpowering and you don't have to use much product to see results.

"It comes in three incredible scents, but my favorite is Hemp Flower," Foster said. "The smell is subtle and not overpowering, but it’s just enough to make putting on a cleanser a little more enjoyable.”

"Both scents are amazing; subtle but uplifting," Brach told us. "And a little bit goes a long way!"

Give your hands some nourishment after hand-washing or frequent hand sanitizer use. They'll end up thanking you in the long run.

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