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This affordable screen cleaner made my phone and eyeglasses look brand new

It removes dirt and fingerprint smudges in seconds.
Courtesy / Abigail Barr

Did you know that your phone could be dirtier than a toilet seat? It makes sense to me, especially as someone who takes her phone everywhere, whether it be the bathroom or the subway. And I know that the germs and bacteria left on my hands can easily transfer to the objects I handle every day.

I know I should be better about cleaning the things I use daily, from my laptop to the eyeglasses I'm constantly taking on and off. But sometimes I'm too lazy to wipe down my frames with soap and water; plus, I worry about causing water damage while cleaning my electronics.

So, I started looking for a simpler and safer way to keep my essential items clean. I found my answer when I came across a screen spray that claims it can remove dirt, dust, fingerprints and more from my tech and glasses — and "make them shine like new."

Whoosh! Screen Cleaner Kit

Does Apple use Whoosh! to clean screens?

I was initially interested in trying the Whoosh! Screen Cleaner after hearing that it is Apple's screen cleaner of choice. According to the brand, it passed the retailer's cleaning tests and is "an approved cleaner for Apple devices used in all Apple stores worldwide." Since a few of my own Apple products needed some sanitizing, I knew this was the one to try.

How do you clean with Whoosh!?

The cleaner arrived with three microfiber cloths, a full-size 3.4-ounce bottle and a travel-sized spray for on-the-go use. I pulled out my phone to try it on first, having remembered that I recently used it with dirty fingers after eating tacos (and could still see food smears on the screen).

The directions say to spray the microfiber cloth first before wiping your desired surface. After spritzing the cloth a few times, I wiped down my phone in vertical strokes. Then, I used the dry side of the cloth to give it some shine.

Shop TODAY contributor Abigail Barr using the Whoosh! Screen Cleaning Kit on her cell phone
Courtesy / Abigail Barr

And just like that, all of the fingerprints and smudges were gone. The screen completely dried down in about 30 seconds, and I was able to go back to using it as normal. I quickly moved onto my glasses and came up with the same results: spotless lenses that I could see well out of.

The brand claims that the Whoosh! Screen Cleaner kills 98% of bacteria versus 58% when using water. I'm no scientist, so I can't say if my attempts yielded those results. However, I can say that my devices appeared much better and it looked like I bought a new pair of glasses.

Is Whoosh! safe to use?

One of the key features listed on the product page is that the cleaning spray won't scratch or damage your screen. I am relieved to tell you that this is the case, thanks to the non-abrasive material of the microfiber cloths. The website also says that the formula doesn't leave behind residue and is free of alcohol, ammonia, dyes and fragrances. I'm happy to say that I didn't feel anything gross or sticky after using it, and I definitely didn’t get any sort of harsh scent.

Shop TODAY contributor Abigail Barr using the Whoosh! Screen Cleaning Kit on her laptop
Courtesy / Abigail Barr

The Whoosh! Screen Cleaner is designed to leave surfaces streak-free, but I didn’t find that to be the case for certain items. Although my phone looked shinier and clearer, I could still see the occasional streak, even after wiping in the same motion. I also tried this spray on a laptop I haven’t used in months, and that screen in particular remained streaky as well.

That said, the cleaner worked perfectly when I wiped down my newer laptop. So, if you were to purchase this, I’d suggest using it on the objects you handle every day — and do it consistently. Based on my experience, the longer you wait to clean a surface, the harder it will be for this cleaner to remove long-term stains and smudges.

For only $16.50 a box, I think this three-piece kit is a cost-effective way to keep your everyday tech and essentials clean. Since I only need to use a couple sprays to get the job done, I can probably stretch out a full-size bottle for months.

Whoosh! also has an entire line of screen cleaning solutions for you to try, including wipes to use while on the go and a 16.9-ounce bottle for cleaning larger surfaces. And although the microfiber cloths are machine-washable (up to 50 times!), you can always purchase a new pack when it comes time to replace them.

Whoosh! Screen Shine Wipes

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