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We tried the Vue De Pulang Frozen Cream that's viral on TikTok

This unconventional moisturizer is my new anti-aging beauty secret.
Purple cream jars on ice
The Beauty Spy
/ Source: TODAY

It's what all the cool kids are using on TikTok, pun intended.

Over 75,000 people have viewed a video from The Beauty Spy about Vue De Pulang Frozen Cream, a gel cream that transforms into an icy sorbet when it's put into the freezer. In the TikTok, Ryan Sullivan, one of the co-founders of The Beauty Spy, spreads the frozen crystalized skin cream onto his hand and face while listing benefits like melting away puffiness and hydrating dry skin.

The product quickly took off on the social media platform, with tons of TikTokkers uploading their own videos of the icy moisturizer. Curious about the cool new product in town, I reached out to The Beauty Spy to get the details on the Frozen Cream.

"It gives your skin a nice cooling pick-me-up," Ryan Sullivan told Shop TODAY. "It's also packed with skin-loving ingredients like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and botanicals. So while you can expect an instant glow and boost of hydration, you'll also notice that over time, skin will become brighter and smoother."

I was sold, so I decided to throw my own container of Frozen Cream in my freezer and test it out.

Terri Peters / TODAY

After a few hours, the gel cream had changed from a smooth texture to that of an ice cube. But it wasn't completely solid: Poking my finger into the frozen mix produced tiny crystals of moisturizer that stayed freezing cold when applied to my skin.

The result? Pure chilled skin care heaven.

As a tired mom who just turned 40, I've learned to enjoy a good eye-de-puffing product. I've taken to applying a bit of the frozen moisturizer to my face first thing in the morning while I wait for my coffee to brew, and even once the chill wears off, the moisturizing benefits last throughout the morning.

I also live in Florida, where sunscreen be darned, it's common for my family and I to get a mild sunburn from time to time. Applying this delightful frozen moisturizer will, I'm sure, be a welcome relief on those super sunny days.

Terri Peters / TODAY

Even my kids, ages 12 and 10, fell in love with the product, and frequently stop by the freezer to spread a bit onto their skin. I can't blame them — it feels great.

And a little goes a long way: The icy texture of the $30 cream makes it easy to only remove a small amount, which is all you need to cool and moisturize your face.

But, while it's fun to freeze the product, Sullivan says it's not a requirement.

"It is effective in both forms, icy sorbet and gel, so use whichever way makes sense for you," said Sullivan. "In addition to the freezer, you can you can store it in your skincare fridge to get the added cooling benefit, while also having it conveniently in arms reach as you go through the rest of your skin care regimen."

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