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By Megan Foster

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I'm not one to brag about personal wins, but I'm almost certain I've found a year-round wardrobe staple that's worth an award.

In the early months of 2018, I took my bi-weekly trip to Walmart to stock up on pantry goods and discounted home essentials. Though sticking to a list would be ideal, anyone who knows me knows I can't resist finding unique, hidden gems buried in the aisles.

This trip was no different — and I walked out of the store with a pair of jeggings that completely altered my wardrobe for the better.

For the uninitiated, jeggings are essentially a combination of jeans and leggings. They became popular in the late 2000s and as an avid trend follower, I purchased my fair share of these hybrid pants. But I'd never found a pair that was brag-worthy until discovering the Time and Tru jeggings at Walmart.

Time and Tru Full Length Jegging

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They may not have the same amount of Instagram likes as the Amazon Nightgown Dress and might be overlooked by style icons like The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, but these pants have undoubtedly made dressing for any occasion more a simple (and comfortable) task.

They come in 18 colors from traditional to vibrant, and are available in sizes XS-XXL. The sheer variety is enough to elicit some attention, but the $13 price tag is what really hooks even the most skeptical of shoppers.

They're a versatile wardrobe staple

Yes, I've ordered these jeggings in five different colors.Megan Foster

I mentioned that these jeggings are a staple in my current wardrobe and I'm not exaggerating. Since I discovered them, I've purchased a total of five pairs in black soot, dark denim, medium denim and black denim. I limited my buys to the more traditional denim colors, but Time and Tru recently dropped some fall inspired colors including a burnt orange color (Spiced Cider), and a maize color (Apple Juice).

I wear them multiple times a week, especially during the colder months. The black ones can be paired with a nice pair of heels and a chic blouse for a well-constructed office look, while the medium denim pant is ideal for fall tailgates and football games. No matter the color, they are exceptionally versatile and I've found them to be appropriate for casual and professional events alike.

They look like real jeans

I even wore these to work and none of my co-workers realized they were actually jeggings.Megan Foster

Unlike jeggings I've owned in the past, these ones actually have a jean-like texture, meaning that they have a distinct outward appearance of denim while still delivering on that comfortable legging stretch.

But my absolute favorite thing about these pants is that they include belt loops. You'd be surprised at how difficult it is to find a pair of jeggings that work seamlessly with a belt — a unique detail that makes achieving the "put together" look way easier. It's that single element that sets this pair above the rest (and it's the feature that tricks people into thinking I'm wearing a regular pair of jeans).

Other shoppers love them, too

I'm not the only one who has come to rely on these trusty pants. They currently have 752 reviews on the Walmart website, and boast a 4.4-star rating out of 5. The budget-friendly price tag, sheer comfort and versatility have culminated into what some buyers are calling the "Holy Grail of Jeggings."

In my book, the Time and Tru jegging is unmatched. And with a $13 price, I can't complain about my undeniable wardrobe addiction.

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