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This T-shirt folding board is taking over the internet for making laundry a breeze

Who knew folding laundry could be so entertaining?
Some reviewers say it's freed up tons of closet and drawer space!
Some reviewers say it's freed up tons of closet and drawer space!

We've all been there — staring at a pile of clean clothes that you're a little too lazy to fold. While there are plenty of storage options available to keep your closet neat and organized, Twitter users are currently in awe of a certain shirt folding board that's going viral.

Comedian and YouTuber Christian Hull posted about his latest purchase on Saturday and the video has racked up over 7 million views so far on Twitter alone.

According to Hull's video, you simply line up the shirt with the top of the board, fold over the overlap at the bottom and then turn over the flaps ("BOOSH!" sound effects optional) until you have a perfectly folded shirt!

Hull spoke with TODAY via email and explained that he didn't expect to love the foldable board so much.

"I didn’t realize how life-changing it would be," he told TODAY. "I hate folding my clothes and have always hung them on hangers. NOT ANYMORE!!!"

His video has been viewed millions of times so far, which totally took him by surprise.

"I filmed this video because I knew I was really excited about the most mundane task and thought that it might bring a little joy to my followers," he said. "I had no idea it would blow up like this."

Hull uses the $30 folding board by ThreadStax in the video, which is currently sold out at the time of writing. However, this option from BoxLegend is similar and is currently the highest rated folding board on Amazon with over 2,000 reviews.

BoxLegend Shirt Folding Board

We haven't tried the board ourselves, but Amazon reviewers seem to love this one as much as Hull loves his.

"It's super easy to use and my clothes are perfectly folded every time," one reviewer wrote. "As weird as it sounds, I actually look forward to folding my laundry now. I wish I had purchased this sooner!"

Others say having neatly-folded clothes has even helped free up drawer and closet space.

"My dresser has never held as much as it does now and it is so neat and tidy," one reviewer raved. "I used to hang half of my clothes until I used the BoxLegend clothes folding board. Now I have a large surplus of hangers. Yay freed up closet space."

It looks like this board might be the secret to making that mountain of laundry a little less daunting.

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