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This anti-snoring pillow could help you sleep better — here's what experts say

Some Amazon reviewers say they noticed immediate results.
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Getting a solid night's sleep is sometimes easier said than done. Whether you struggle to fall asleep at night or your bed partner is a chronic snorer, the obstacles can be endless.

Amazon reviewers may have found the perfect solution, and it can be delivered right to your doorstep. We haven't tried it ourselves, but this $44 memory foam wedge pillow has nearly 5,000 five-star verified ratings from shoppers who claim it actually works.

Relax Home Life Wedge Pillow

Though the wedge pillow is specifically designed to help with acid reflux, many of the reviews claim that the pillow also helps reduce snoring thanks to the inclined design. According to The National Sleep Foundation, elevating your upper body can take pressure off your airway and make it easier to breathe.

Dr. Kannan Ramar, a sleep medicine specialist at the Mayo Clinic, told Shop TODAY that a wedge pillow could potentially help with snoring.

"If snoring is a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea, using one of these pillows might improve things," Ramar told us. "How much it improves is going to vary based on each person, collapsibility of the upper airway and the baseline severity of the disorder."

Dr. Brijesh Malkani, a sleep medicine specialist at Mount Sinai, told Shop TODAY this type of pillow could work for some people, though it's not a cure-all solution.

"Theoretically, it can help snoring somewhat by providing an incline," he told us. "But the bigger concern is if someone has underlying and undiagnosed sleep apnea."

Malkani also says the pillow can be beneficial to those with reflux disease, which some reviewers have also pointed out.

"Got it for my husband, who had acid reflux. Made an immediate difference, and he even stopped snoring!" one verified reviewer wrote.

The hypoallergenic, machine-washable bamboo pillowcase is also a favorite among customers thanks to its cooling effect.

"This is the fifth reflux pillow I've tried (and about $50 less than my last purchase), and I have to say, it's by far the most comfortable wedge to sleep on," one verified purchaser wrote. "Many of the other pillows were either too firm, or they hurt/compressed my back. Really happy with the price and value. It's a relief to have finally found one I don't hate using."

Some Amazon reviewers have noted an improvement in their sleep quality thanks to the inclined design.

"I am so glad I bought this," wrote one verified reviewer, who gave the pillow a five-star review. "I have always slept at an incline angle exactly like the wedge pillow offers. Now I don't need as many pillows to achieve that angle."

While the pillow may be delivering results for some users, Malkani emphasized that those who experience symptoms such as daytime sleepiness and fatigue should seek a formal sleep study.